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About US

Naija Online TV is UK based Nigerian run firm that strives to provide world class standard of TV shows, TV channels and Web series targeted at the African community in diaspora. Years of yearning and suffering for proper medium to catch up with motherland on happenings via visual representation (TV), we decided enough was enough and launch Naija Online TV. Working with various other partners who have a vision to cut across the borders of motherland and reach Africans in Diaspora, we aim to provide timely, rich, technological advanced TV viewing right from your smart TVs or on the go on your mobile and tablets.

Naija Online TV is owned and run by Nigerian founded entertainment company: CNE Concepts Ltd, registered in Nigeria in 2007 and in the UK in 2014.

CNE Concepts launched itself into the entertainment scene in 2007 with the birth of My Funky Birthday TV show for celebrity and fans birthdays. In 2013, it launched its online presence with MFB Blog which was specifically birthed as an event blog. Our specialization lies in Events and TV. Since then, it has Launched MFB Publishing (Online Newsagent), Check_Republic Web Series and now Naija Online TV.


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