SportEdu+ Set to Launch Across Africa By Kayode Ogundare

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SportEdu+ Set to Launch Across Africa By Kayode Ogundare


So I spent part of my Sunday with the guys from SportEdu+ and it was one of my most rewarding experience in recent times.

It is a private-driven, not-for-profit organisation aimed at fusing sports development and education in making a responsible adult able to realize his/her God-given potentials out of the African child.

Their plans for sports development and education is the most comprehensive, best thought-out and least expensive (on the long run) that you’ll be amazed at the simplicity of their plans yet blown away at the potential impact it will have if well implemented.

An initiative of David Doherty but with amazing support from sharers of his vision, it is a project concieved by Nigerians and people of Nigerian descent in the diaspora.

Like most things Nigerian however, it has been embraced by other African countries who have adopted the template and, before you know it, the program will start running in Zimbabwe, Uganda and Rwanda.

It is something every Nigerian can be proud of, I assure you.

More information from SportsEdu+ in a short while.

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