5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

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5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

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5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

…As Ministers’ Conference 2016 Holds

5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Joy and wonder are what best described the fate of Ibadan, South West Nigeria, two weeks ago, as the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry International (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman popularly known in the Lord’s Vineyard as ‘God’s Oracle, together with his ‘end-time squad of hope’ lieutenants, stormed the ancient city for a two-day powerful crusade tagged ‘Raw Power in Ibadan’.

The gathering which took place inside the Main Bowl of the Lekan Salami Stadium, saw a multitude of believers from within and far outside Ibadan troop in making it fairly the largest percentage of congregation at Christian crusades in the city in recent time.

“When God wants to help a people, He sends a Prophet,” said Apostle Suleman of the undeniable Raw Power that visited Ibadan with an eruption of turnaround that took many to various levels of grace and abundance.

The entire arena holds 18,000 people but the figure that witnessed the Main Bowl event only was put at about 11,000 with the overflow crowd watching the event live via the close circuit television sets.

The presence of the electronic media arm of OFM, Celebration TV, made it possible for million others to view the gathering from the comfort of their abodes across the world.

It was indeed a day of promise and delivery of salvation, healing, liberation, restoration and prosperity at the great crusade.

There was a young boy who in the year 2015 was brought by his mother to the international worship centre of the Omega Fire Ministry in Auchi, Edo State Nigeria. The boy was a victim of fire accident with first degree burns and has been in pains ever since.

Apostle Johnson Suleman located him at the emergency section and prayed for him. Today, to the Glory of God, he is fully recovered. This is just one out of several wonders that were manifested at the soul-inspiring gathering.

Following these was the caring session when the servant of God usually blessed the lucky ones as he is divinely inspired.

One Mr. Solomon Jubilee, a member of the media department of the OFM, was blessed by Apostle Suleman with a Camry 2.2. It was in fulfillment to the promise he made to the young man during his wedding thanksgiving recently.

As Suleman’s heart of gold was further encouraged, he blessed yet another man who was part of the audience with a cash gift of N500, 000.

“Every Christian is called to make, to mobilize and to advance,” noted Suleman who added that Christian leaders are the light called not just to evangelize but to build, to encourage and to care for the less endowed.

“This is where we feel most natural,” the man of God said of his passion for giving, “and where we are most fulfilled. The Holy Spirit may enable you to function in a variety of spiritual gifts from time to time, but you will almost certainly feel drawn towards a certain direction in the ministry.

This is uppermost in our priorities; to enrich the soul, spiritually and physically.” 5 Sure Ways To Grow A Ministry, by Apostle Johnson Suleman

Meanwhile, Apostle Suleman has counseled men of God on principles to growing the Church. According to the acclaimed Teacher of Men, “we all desire to have our churches growing. If not, there is something wrong. Growing a church is Biblical and an imperative from our Lord. So, we need to discover what is needed to grow a church.

According to Suleman, a Christian teacher must first possess the flair for training and to always prepare himself with assets that will help to develop his calling. “Spend time with people who have the same gifts and learn from their experiences. Let their wisdom and knowledge rub off on you.

Study what the Bible says about your particular gifts and about the use of the Holy Spirit’s gifts in general. And ask trusted friends if they have seen God’s blessing upon you in any area of ministry.

Then compare your assessment with the one they have made about you and discuss any distinct differences. But only do this if you are willing to listen to what they have to say,” situates the man of God.

Discovering God’s plans, Suleman says, it is a matter of revelation which flows from the relationship you are building with Him. “So through prayer and waiting on the Lord, keep seeking him to guide you, until you receive a clear word from him.”

While speaking on the five key structures that he believes are pillars for growing the ministry; contact, calling, covenant, competence and credibility, Apostle Suleman charged ministers of God to not rely on how many degrees they have trying to grow the church but they must understand that the foundation for ministry is character “because character is the prophecy of the future.

The motive of ministry is service. The authority of ministry is submission. The purpose of ministry is the glory of God. The power of ministry is prayer and the word.

The model of ministry is Jesus,” he affirms warning that “if a Christian mentor doesn’t model Jesus, don’t follow Him because He is the only pillar to fulfilling the ministry.” The servant of God also cautioned on certain structures that impede the ministry’s growth.

He said that because the ministry is a divine body and calling for a specific assignment, “Christian leaders must avoid these enemies of fulfillment; shortcut, satisfaction, selfishness. When God calls you, He backs you up.”

Also, at the current edition of Ministers Conference, a convergence of ministers, preachers and workers in the vineyard of God, which holds twice in March and October of every year, over 5,000 ministers participated in it from various countries including US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Cambodia, Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa and several other African nations.

Tagged “The International Ministers Conference”, with the usual theme; Ministers Without Blemish, it is worthy of note that this conference as usual was fully attended by all regions of the Sons of the Prophet Network (SOP), the umbrella body of all the Ministers and General Overseas being mentored and coached by Apostle Johnson Suleman well presently in over 50 nations of the world.

At the conference to give words of exhortation are Rev. John Azia (The South South Nigeria regional overseer), Apostle Akan Weeks (SOP Nigeria) and Rev. Dr. (Mrs.) Lizzy Johnson Suleman, first lady of OFM Worldwide).

God’s Servant was on hand in all the sessions to minister, impart, heal and direct the attendees using Biblical principles and life experiences to frame the minds on fulfilling assignments and standing tall in ministry, marriage and finances.

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