Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

As part of our support for the modelling industry as well as partnership with the Organizers of the prestigious pageant, we at Naija Online TV continue to bring you a close up on the finalists, getting you a little closer to knowing them, their aspirations and a tiny wee bit of background. Do leave us a comment of who you think is likely to be King and Queen come October 2nd.

The award-winning brand in the business of pageantry, beauty packaging and commercial branding, “Mr.& Miss Nigeria International”, wishes to thank the overall population and every corporate association who had collaborated with them in the current year’s edition, (BEAUTY and BRAIN EDITION). As such, the last couple of months have been an enabling and enriching journey by all organizers. The coordinator Brendance and Crusaders Limited which is an agency in charge of guaranteeing brand promotion, beauty and glamour packaging, event management and showcasing of style in the media world hereby reports her fifth (5th) edition of the MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT SEASON 5.

“Nonetheless, we trust that with incredible might, comes a greater responsibility, consequently our resolve to deliver a greater stage for showcasing our vision and Restoring Poise and Class in the current year’s beauty pageant event”.  According to their press release.

Today, we spoke with Anthony recently and we bring you his chat with Team Naija Online TV

Team NOTV: So in a nutshell, who is Anthony Erico
, Where you from, where do you live, what do you do.

Anthony Erico: Erico Anthony is an idealist, a free thinker, a philosopher and many more things, erico Anthony is an artist, a singer an actor a sportsman, I believe I was created to do extraordinary things so I don’t limit myself. So if the question is who is Erico Anthony? The answer simply is “Erico Anthony is a great man”

Anthony Erico: I’m from kogi state, Olamaboro local government, I live in Lagos Ikeja, I’m a student of criminology and security studies
. Just entered my final year

Team NOTV: You said you an actor. What movies have you featured in?

Anthony Erico: I haven’t been featured in movies yet, but am aspiring to.

Team NOTV: So how serious is your music? I mean, have you got songs etc.

Anthony Erico: Yes I do have recorded tracks but that was some years ago, however I discovered that I couldn’t just jump into music and be successful without having a good voice, so I put that on hold, went to better my voice through numerous voice coaching and also joining the choir just to get better.

Team NOTV: So let’s talk about modelling. Why modelling?

Anthony Erico: For a long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a model, modelling is just an amazing aspect of living been able to pose and tell many stories from just a still picture.

I find it amazing modelling, because I love to dress proper and always look different from other people in the room and with modelling I can accomplish that.

Modelling holds the power to recognition of prestige and glamour. It’s just an amazing life style. So why modelling? Because modelling is simply amazing.

Team NOTV: And is this your first pageant? Anthony Erico, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Anthony Erico: Yes it is.

Team NOTV: Ok. So what’s your plan in winning and what do you intend to do if you win?
Asides representing Nigeria in the international version

Anthony Erico: I intend to take the opportunity given to me by winning this competition to further expose myself and what I’m capable of to the world and also take modelling and pageantry to a greater level.

Because the problem in modelling and pageantry is that new comers and upcoming models barely have the opportunity to show themselves to the world, as organisations tend to always want to work with models that they are familiar with and not new coming models, this is a problem in modelling and pageantry that should be addressed and fixed.

Team NOTV: So what do you think of women taking over the World – Hillary Clinton most likely to win the US election, England has a female Prime minister

Anthony Erico: The truth is there’s nothing wrong with a woman been the prime minister of England, if someone sees something wrong with that, then that’s simply gender segregation it’s wrong, be it a man or a woman what the world needs is good governance and indisputable leadership that’s all.

It’s not the matter of a woman or man, all that is important is who can take the lead and make good change.

Team NOTV: Celebrity girlfriend?

Anthony Erico: Beyonce

Team NOTV: Political position?

Anthony Erico: Not really one for politics. All I believe in is democracy

Team NOTV: Cinemas or DVD

Anthony Erico: Cinemas

Team NOTV: Which contestants would you consider as competition for you?

Anthony Erico: Kabari kanee

Team NOTV: And who would you want to be queen with?

Anthony Erico: Nwakobia Victoria (Miss Kogi)

Team NOTV: is there anything else that you will like to say with this opportunity?

Anthony Erico: I just wanna say first and foremost a Big thank you to God who brought me this far and I’m grateful to the organisers of this pageant for putting everything together and also wanted to say a very big thank you and God bless to my family especially my dad and to everyone who voted for me.

Anthony Erico and the rest of the finalists were selected after 2 weeks of Intensive online voting.

Erico Anthony, Finalists, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Anthony Erico on social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/erico.anthony

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amjust_anthony/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Amjust_Anthony

Winner of the Queen and King of Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 will go on to compete in the Mr and Miss Nigeria International world scheduled to take place in 2017.

This year’s event will hold on Sunday, October 2nd

Venue: Ruby Garden, by the 4th roundabout, Lekki expressway Lagos.

For further Info, Ticket Reservations, Partnership or Sponsorship: 07062930650, 07084546231

Tickets now accessible, please contact: 08033460308, 08055455634

REGULAR: #5,000

VIP: #15,000

TABLE FOR 8: #500,000

Email: info@mrandmissnigeriainternational.org brendancrusader@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org

Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrandMissNigeriaInternational/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_MissNigIntl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrandmissnigintl/

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org/

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