APC did not prepare to lead, only to removed PDP – Engr. Yahaya Sani

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Engr. Yahaya Sani

APC did not prepare to lead, only to removed PDP – Engr. Yahaya Sani

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APC did not prepare to lead, only to removed PDP – Engr. Yahaya Sani

APC did not prepare to lead, only to removed PDP – Engr. Yahaya Sani

The Action Democratic Party (ADP) on Sunday stated that the All Progressives Congress did not come to lead. It said the APC only struggled to change government and that all the party wanted was power and never had any concrete plan for the country.

This was disclosed by the National Chairman of ADP, Engr. Yahaya Sani, at the inauguration of the Plateau State Exco of the party, in Jos.

Sani said, “Let us congratulate and thank the PDP and the APC; the PDP did a very wonderful thing in this country, whether you like it or not. The vision PDP created was to take
government from the military to civilian.

“The second thing that PDP succeeded was to tell Nigerians that it is possible to handover power from one civilian government to another.

“APC on their part have told us that an incumbent President can be defeated.”

The National Chairman, who was represented by the Chairman of Rivers State, Chizi Nyeomasila, who is also the Chairman of the chairmen of the 36 States and FCT, maintained that, “The reality is that, each time you solve a problem, you create another. The APC have solved a problem, have created another and cannot solve it.

“The problem now is that power has been taken over from the military and has been handed over to civilian government; ADP will take it from a civilian to a democratic government”, he
assured. Because all we have experience all these years hasn’t been democratic government, it has been the military putting on their clothes and wearing civilian, all we hear is command; remove this person, put the other person”, he added.

He maintained that most of those who emerged as candidates of political parties were not voted, but were forced on the citizenry. “A democratic government must be such a government that will give room for popular participation in the election of everybody. “Don’t blame the APC, they did not come to lead, but they came to change government; all that they wanted was to get power, they didn’t plan”, he explained.

“That is why in the history of the country, a secretary to the government of the federation and chief of staff were appointed after eight months in office. So if they can win, we
can also win”, the Chairman stressed.

To the newly inaugurated executives, he said, ”You have one ADP executive and one Chairman, any other person that thinks he is going to come tomorrow to take over your position, I will fight him to the last.

“This party is open to everybody to come in; so the era of phone call removal from any position is over”, he assured.

In his address, State Chairman of the party, Chief Andrew Nanyah Daman, said, “The ADP is a party founded on three fundamental principles, which include: all inclusive
government, a youth driven political party and a party that is going to adopt option A4 for fielding its candidates. Daman said, “We are going to say no to delegates in choosing our candidates, starting from the local government elections billed for this year in Plateau.”

Engr. Yahaya Sani

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