Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

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Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

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Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

+Shocks Pastors With Cash And Car Gifts At Enugu Conference

Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, last week, stood still for God, as His Servant, Apostle Johnson Suleman, made his first Apostolic visit to the Republic of Tanzania, alongside his spirit-filled ministers from Nigeria, for the ongoing tour of Africa and Europe for God.

Tagged ‘Tanzania Restoration Conference 2016’, the country’s mission which also recorded a huge success in terms of winning souls for Christ, healing and total deliverance, was a follow-up to the very successful ‘Ministers’ Conference & Sons of The Prophet Impartation Meeting’ which held in Enugu, Southeast Nigeria, between July 19 and 21, 2016.

Upon his arrival on stage at Dar es Salaam venue of the Tanzania conference, the man who has come to be known as agent of ‘Jehova The Doctor,’ for his divine healing gift, thundered to the anxious crowd, “I came as a Prophet over your life. Where they say you cannot enter, you will not just enter, you will dominate.”

The declaration was followed by great testimonies of the Lord touching and healing many, and spirit of poverty casting out. There was a young lady’s testimony which everyone will remember for a long time. She could not walk without the aid.

God’s servant walked to her in the emergency section and prayed for her. God touched her and she walked almost immediately.

It was joy all the way at the wonderful harvest of souls. Over the conference sessions, thousands were impacted by the power of God, receiving healing and also a fresh touch from God.

Ministers who were in Tanzania with Apostle Suleman included Pastor Mike Davids (OFM Kano), who released prophetic words to the congregation to clear the atmosphere as God’s Oracle takes his final session; Pastor Austin Bezaleel; Pastor and Pastor (Mrs.) Mike from Kenya; Apostle Carace and Jane Toomey, Kenya National Coordinator of the Sons of the Prophet Network; Pastor Stephen, Tanzania National Pastor; Pastor Mike Davids; Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba; Pastor Jesse Hilary, and Pastor Isi Praise, among others.

Meanwhile, the conference, Enugu being the second edition with the first held in Abuja in June 2015, is a special meeting for ministers and those that have formally submitted to the mentorship and leadership of Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This organized body of the ministers who submit to the mentorship of the God’s Oracle is called ‘Sons of The Prophet Network International.

At the Enugu Conference, over 2,000 ministers attended, which included delegates from all regions of Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, Liberia, Botswana, Ukraine, Belgium, UK, USA, Italy, Benin Rep., and more. And there were expository, revelation and impactful sessions with Apostle Suleman and his darling wife, Dr. Lizzy.

Senior pastors of the OFM who represented their zones included, Rev. Kingsley Aigbe (Northern Region and FCT), Rev. John Azia (Southern Region and Rivers State) and Rev. Fidelis Ayemoba (Western Region and Lagos State).

They all ministered in the different sessions of the conference.

Characteristics of Apostle Suleman, his large-heartedness came to play again as he shocked the congregation when he announced a brand new Lexus 350 for one of his notable special advisers, Dr. Olisa Emeke, who was the pioneer national coordinator of the Network until the conference when he became the African Coordinator.

Apostle Suleman’s favourite maxim is ‘the secret to pastoral prosperity is to stop depending on tithes and offerings, and become givers.’

Thus, while giving out, he states that his life has been flourished by the Blessing of God and flooded with helpers, which is the reason he is pushed to help at all times.

Besides the gift of car, the God’s Oracle also gave out huge cash gifts to ten pastors as support and encouragements, meant to support families, settle rents, and start businesses.

The cash was N2.5 million in totality. The women wing of the network was not left out of the blessing; Apostle Suleman also announced one million naira cash gift to them to start and support their families and businesses.

This was the initiative of Dr. (Mrs.) Lizzy, his dutiful wife.

The highpoint of the conference was the impartation session. The God’s Oracle did impact the ministers for greater works in line with divine directives.

The Raw Power experience moves next to Maseru, the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Lesotho, between August 16 and 17, 2016.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

Apostle Johnson Suleman Hits Tanzania With Healing And Miracles

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