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How We Killed Policemen Escorting Total Oil Nigeria Managers


How we killed policemen escorting Total Oil Nigeria managers

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DCP Kayode Egbetokun Takes Over As New Lagos Acting CP


Meet the new Lagos acting commissioner of police, DCP Kayode Egbetokun who was formerly ADC to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, while he was governor of Lagos State. DCP Kayode Egbetokun was also former Commander, RRS and here is a little information into his background.

DCP Kayode Egbetokun graduated from the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, with Bachelor of Science degree (BSC) in Mathematics in June 1987 and lectured Mathematics briefly at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, before his enlistment into the Nigeria Police Force. Egbetokun takes over as the new acting commissioner of police in Lagos from Edgal Imohinmi who has also been redeployed.

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No Political Ambition Is Worth Taking The Life Of Anyone – Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin


Sunday, January 13, 2019.



The prevailing spate of killings and maiming of political figures in recent times call for serious concerns and the government whose primary duty is to ensure the security of lives and properties of her citizens, must curtail such excesses now.

We are excruciatingly pained and greatly disappointed too that the players and circumstantial beneficiaries of the struggle for the enthronement of Democratic system of government in Nigeria are not playing by the rules of democracy as obtained in developed nations of the world.

We are equally bothered and seriously troubled with the “do or die” mindset of our politicians and followers since the emergence of Democracy in 1999.
No one with human blood flowing in his/her veins will be happy to see his/her child(ren) being hit by live bullets or felled by dangerous weapons, simply because of political or ideological differences.
The same is the feeling that is expected of a flesh hearted and responsible government from the centre of power down to the grassroots.
We hereby call on the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to step up on their duty of protecting the lives and properties of Nigerians through their various security agencies.
Top on the list of Security agencies that is more people and community oriented, is the Nigeria Police which we expect to become more proactive in securing lives of citizens.
We urge our Security operatives to please be on the alert always especially before, during and after the elections.
We equally appeal that the perpetrators of such dastard and heinous acts are brought to book in no time.
Life is sacrosanct and therefore, should be protected by those empowered by law to do so.

Our politicians should be happy to lead the living instead of marching over the graves of the dead.

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin
President, Centre for Change.

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How I Was Indoctrinated To Wage War Against Nigeria – Boko Haram Commander


How I was indoctrinated to wage war against Nigeria — Boko Haram Commander

By Ifeanyi Okolie

A top commander of the Boko Haram Sect, Umar Abdulmalik, who was arrested penultimate Thursday by operatives of the Inspector General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT Led By DCP Abba Kyari, in Lagos State, for carrying out several bombings, bank robberies and killings within the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, Owo, Ondo State and Lokoja Kogi State, has revealed how he joined the sect and led members to carry out these attacks.

The 30-year-old suspect, who is a native of Okene in Kogi State and was alleged to have killed over 200 persons before his arrest told Vanguard that a radical Islamic cleric, who he identified as Mallam Mustapha indoctrinated him into the deadly sect. He explained that Mallam Mustapha came into Okene with his teachings, built a mosque in 2009 and urged residents to shun western education as it was a sin against Allah, and urged them to accept Islamic education which he said was the only education accepted by Allah. He added that he attended several of Mallam Mustapha’s teachings, who he said also urged his followers to disregard the Nigeria State and wage war against her as her system of government was not in line with the dictates of Allah, which he said, ought to be in an Islamic fashion. Abudulmalik, further explained that he joined some of Mallam Mustapha’s followers in destroying their school certificates and he accepted to wage war against the Nigeria State. We robbed banks to sustain the jihad “I joined one of the Boko Haram cells in Okene headed by one Zeeidi and we carried out several bombings within Kaduna, Kano and Abuja. Zeeidi was the person providing the bombs and my job then was to take them to our target locations. After a while, the Department of State Security infiltrated our cell and they started arresting members of our group. Mallam Mustapha was arrested and his mosque was demolished. Zeedi brought the idea of bank robbery so that those of us who have not been arrested could have resources to continue with the jihad. He brought some guns and he suggested we should attack the Kotonkarfe Prison in Kogi State, so we could free our members who were detained there. The attack on the prison was successful and we freed a lot of our members, after which we attacked some banks in Okene and took all the money we could find there. “We then moved to Owo where we robbed some of the banks with dynamites and carted away large sums of money. We used some of the money we made from those robberies to buy high explosives including materials we could use in producing non-metallic bombs that could beat metal detectors. A lot of our members including Zeedi were arrested after those bank robberies and the attack on prison. I moved to Abuja with the bombs we produced and I formed a new cell in 2014. We carried out several bombings in the Fedeal Capital territory including those at Banex Plaza, Nyanya and Kuje areas of Abuja. Unfortunately our gang was busted and five of our gang members were arrested while our bombs, including the non-metallic and the materials we were using in making them were recovered in Gaulaka area of Niger State by the Police IRT Team. I escaped, fled to Kano and I went underground for two years before I returned to Abuja and formed a new gang and we went into full blown armed robbery.” Meanwhile, Police source disclosed that five months after the operatives of the IRT, led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, launched investigations into the gruesome killing of seven policemen and a civilian, in July 2018 at a police post on the Galadima Roundabout, Abuja, they made a breakthrough when they arrested a member of the gang identified as Lukman Abdulmalik alias Lampard, through a tip off in Ondo State and he confessed taking part in the killing of the seven policemen. He went on to identify Umar Abudlmalik, as the leader of his gang, who he said instructed them to always kill policemen whenever they had opportunity and take their rifles. The police source disclosed further that the suspect took the IRT operatives to their hideout in Abuja and four of his gang members identified as Abubakar Bello Sidi, Yusuf Abdulazeez alias, Fine Boy, Suleman Zakariya and Haruna Lamid, were arrested but, Umar Abdulmalik, escaped with a bullet wound. Four AK-47 rifles belonging to the deceased policemen, six magazines, 270 rounds of AK-47 ammunition and two police walkie talkie radios belonging to the deceased policemen were recovered from the suspects. It was gathered that Abdulmalik ran to Lagos with his bullet wound to the home of his younger sister who was a nurse and he started receiving treatments on his bullet wound. Unknown to him, IRT operatives in Lagos had information that he had a sister who was residing in Lagos, they trailed him to her house, found him sleeping there and apprehended him. My robbery exploits — Abdulmalik Narrating his robbery exploits Abdulmalik said; “After I formed my new robbery gang, we robbed a woman of N500,000, which was the money she got from contribution she had with some women. One of our gang members who got information about the money told me about it and we robbed the woman and took the money. We also robbed a man at Okene checking point, we pretended to be policemen and collected N1.3million from the man. We then moved to Abuja where we robbed super markets including their customers. We killed a policeman at Shoprite area in Lugbe and took away his rifle. We also robbed a shop along Second Gate on the Abuja-Kaduna Road. There was this dismissed policeman known as Apin-Iron, who was dismissed for taking part in armed robbery. Iron has two Ak-47 and a pistol which he normally used to intercept and seize illicit drugs from people trying to smuggle them into Abuja. We normally visited his place to buy the drugs and we became friends. In one of our visits he told us that he knew several rich people we could rob and all we needed to do was to give him his share of the loot. He gave us information of a man from whom we took N5million and we gave our contact N2.5m as his share because that was what he demanded. He also gave us several other jobs before I had an accident and damaged one of my eyes when coming from Niger Prison Breaking Operation. There was one Mustapha who was an internet fraudster, he was making money, but he started having issues with some cultists in his area so he brought in the police to arrest the boys. But the boys were later released and came back to harass him. So, he came to me and requested for my boys to protect him and I told him he would have to buy my boys two Ak-47 rifles. He agreed and bought us the guns. Then, my boys, Lampard and Abubakar, started moving around with him in military uniforms. People who saw them would think they were genuine soldiers. So, he wanted my boys to kill the cultists as well as the nurse who was treating him because the nurse entered his house and saw him performing rituals and he didn’t want the woman to tell people that he was using charms to make his money. My boys told me about the job and I asked them not to kill anyone, then he became angry with me. I suspect he was the person who went to inform the police about my gang. “After I lost my eyes I was admitted in the hospital but my boys were still going for robberies and would bring money to me after each robbery. I am the gang leader but I wasn’t with them when they killed the seven policemen at Galadima roundabout, I was in the hospital. After I was discharged, I had not gone for any robbery operation with them except Petrol Station robbery where we killed One person but IRT police team later arrested Lampard and Abubakar and they brought the policemen to my house. I had an Ak-47 rifle with me when the police came and I fired some shots which made it easy for me to escape but the police returned fire and I got injured. I managed to escape to Iyana Sango Ota, Ogun State, where my sister was residing. I later learned that the police went on to arrest Fine-Boy and Abubakar and Suleiman, a guy known as scorpion called and informed me. I don’t know how the police knew I was in my sister’s place, they found me sleeping and I was arrested, he narrated.

Source: Vanguard

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The Allegory Of 2nd Niger Bridge By Babafemi Ojudu


The allegory Of 2nd Niger Bridge

By Babafemi Ojudu

I was amused at the ignorance and mischief of some men who a few days from Christmas suffused Facebook with photographs of traffic jam on the Onitsha bridge. They scowl in their usual manner that President Buhari was lying that he was constructing a 2nd Niger Bridge.
For this fellows the moment a project is announced to have commenced that means it is said to have been delivered.

There was no insult and invectives they didn’t pour on the President and his party. Some even shot a video and in their crippled English ran a commentary saying all manners of inanities.

If it were just about Onitsha Bridge one would have forgiven these folks and attribute their condition to too much ingestion of propaganda poison from IPOB .

This is however symptomatic of quite a good number of Nigerian’s understanding or lack of it of the workings of government.

Before I go on let me however differentiate these folks from the ones who have lost benefit. The top preacher who no longer get free money from the state and whose income has dropped drastically from tithes due to the blockage of leakages by government. These elements are in the same boat with traditional rulers, business men, top civil servants, out of power and out of favour politicians as well as the young who grew up to adult under the 16 year of PDP regime and have come to think toil does not pay.
This is understandable. Two American writers once put this in perspective. Ronald A. Heifetz and Marty Linsky In Leadership On The Line
– Staying Alive through the Dangers of Leading said of the phenomenon “To lead is to live dangerously because when leadership counts, when you lead people through difficult change, you challenge what people hold dear- their daily habits , tools , loyalties, and way of thinking- with nothing more to offer perhaps than possibility”

Now the allegory.
Some marauders enter a town . They set the houses on fire . Goaded by the local gin they looted all they could and raped every women in sight . Some courageous elements in the community came out in their hundreds and chased the marauders away. The damage has however been done . The houses have been destroyed. The ones that didn’t get burnt were pulled down.
The town decided it was time to rebuild . They called on an elder , a patriot to lead the process of reconstruction and rebuilding. The elder laid out the process of reconstruction. We must clear the debri, call an architect , builders and structural engineers to come up with a strong design that will not in the nearest future be susceptible to destruction. The experts took their time and came up with a design , which the majority if not all members of the community signed on to. Now time to look for the money. Efforts were made both within and outside to secure enough money for reconstruction.

Then the foundation, a solid one for that matter was put in place and as this was going on a horde of young people and some who are only elders in gait and the grey hair they spot up rise up in arms.

Many who were in their diapers when the destruction took place and who could not connect with the trust reposed in the elder to lead the reconstruction process armed themselves with stones and started hauling it at the elder. You promised us reconstruction of our homes destroyed. Where is the house now? Where is the beautiful edifice, they demanded to know.

They could not reason that any edifice without a foundation is like a house built on a quick sand. It shall soon fall down and scatter. The community had thought that it was only the houses that were destroyed, the ability of many of the members of the community to reason properly also suffered some demolition. The communal river too was poisoned and every child that drank of the became mentally stunted.

This is the story of the Nigerians who could not reason properly that Nigeria has hemorrhaged badly under the military and sixteen years of PDP has damaged it further almost irreparably.
The construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge is going on as promised and as planned by the administration and so are other projects. The last time I heard the Minister Of Works speak about this project , he explained that all of the years PDP talked about building the bridge there was no design and engineering drawing. That has since been achieved and concrete piling is ongoing to provide a solid foundation . The under water foundation he said is of the height of a twelve story building. All of this beyond what the ordinary citizen not involved in the construction can fathom or visible on the surface. Neither is a project like this nor any project at all conceived and completed overnight.
Work is not ceasing at the 2nd Niger Bridge just as work has not ceased in finding solutions to all the problems bedeviling our country. Thirty nine billion naira, the Minister said, was most recently disbursed to Julius Berger, the company handling the project. Berger is known to be a can do company.

Similarly is Mambila Plareau Dam that promises additional 7000 megawatts of power just todays 16 companies awarded the contract for the Ogoni clean up were taken by the Minister Of Environment to the location to be formally introduced to the traditional rulers as well as the Ogoni people. We shall all marvel when by February we are able to take a train ride in just 45 minutes from Lagos to Ibadan. This has immense implications for Lagos decongestion, development of estates along the corridor and the ease of transportation in the Lagos metropolis itself. You can live in Ibadan and work in Lagos. It will reduce your rent as well as your rest. By the time you are in the bosom of your wife the man working in Victoria Island and living in Agege will still be struggling to negotiate his way through the intractable traffic on Third Mainland Bridge. By next year this project will inch hi way to Osogbo and from Osogbo to my state in Ekiti, all the way to Kano. The one from Lagos to Calabar is on the drawing board, so is Port Harcourt to Maiduguri, Aladja to Warri is almost completed . All in less than four years. Imagine if Obasanjo and his hordes had done all of these in 16 years when we were awash with petro dollar the load on Mr President’s shoulder at this lean time would have been lighter
Despite the less available he is making a commendable effort to do more.

Baba may be slow as some alleged but he is steady. Which old and wisened man is not slow. The decisions I took some 25 years ago I will not take them today without subjecting them to rigorous reflection. That is the benefit of age , of experience.
Add to this his intergrity. The fast boys of yesterday only made away with our money to acquire private jets and Macmansions in choice areas across the world. The Panama papers is replete with what they have taken from this country. More will come out about that soonest.
Dear Compatriots it may take a lot of efforts the stammerer will call Baba just as it may take some time , the hog will get from Badagry to Oyo. It didn’t take three years . The Singapore model we all loved to refer to took not three years but almost 35 years to bring into being.
Bit by bit, block by block, window element by window elements President Muhammadu Buhari and Yemi Osinbajo are delivering on their promises. They are building the edifice. All that is required is for us to have faith , trust in them and be patient they shall to the glory of God and for the benefit of Nigerians deliver an edifice that shall be a pride of Nigerians.

Ojudu is Special Adviser To The President On Political Matters.

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Arms Used in Zamfara Killings Brought in From Libya – Zamfara Bandits Sponsor


Arms used in Zamfara killings brought in from Libya –Zamfara Bandits Sponsor.

By Juliana Francis

The Nigeria Police Intelligence Response Team IRT have uncovered how terrorist groups/Bandits in Nigeria fund their organizations and procure arms from Libya to destabilize the country. The intricate terrorist network was uncovered by a crop of detectives attached to the Inspector-General Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Abba Kyari. The police are also theorizing that arms running deals were partly the cause of the bloodbath that had enveloped Zamfara State for long. Hundreds of people have been killed within Tsafe, Zurmi, Shinkafi, Maradun, Maru and Brinin-Magaji local government areas of Zamfara State, leaving many others displaced. The terrorists’ arms running and source of funding were discovered after 12 bandits, who participated in the October 2018 kidnapping of twin sisters, Hassana and Hussaina Bala were arrested. The twin sisters were abducted in Dauran village in Zurmi Local Government Area of Zamfara State, where they went to distribute their wedding invitation.

A ransom of N15million was paid before the girls were released. One of the suspects arrested in connection with the abduction, Nafiu Usman, alias Baba Doctor, a top commander of a group of bandits operating in Zurmi, made startling confessions. In his confessions, Usman revealed how his boss, Dankarimi, who command all bandits within Zurmi Local Government Area, had been procuring arms and getting funds. For long, Zamfara State has become a war zone, with people being killed everyone. This forced the police hierarchy to deploy selected Special teams of police to the area, including operatives of IRT.

The operatives disclosed that investigations have shown that the top grade military arms and ammunition, which were used in most of the killings in Zamfara State were bought in from Libya. “ These suspects and their partners are into high profile kidnappings and armed robbery. They also get large chunk of their funds from proceeds of cattle rustling.

The rustled cows are supplied to cattle dealers at the Abattoir Market in Agege, Lagos State as the cattle were Sent to Lagos from Zamfara using long trailer trucks by the Bandits. “When these funds are remitted back to the bandits in Zamfara State, it will be swiftly moved into Agadez Region of Niger Republic, where it will be used to procure heavy arms including anti-aircraft guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, from black markets in Libya.”

It was further disclosed that the arms, which were usually smuggled into Zamfara State, through Niger Republic border, had been used several times to attack and kill security operatives. The source further disclosed: “Baba Doctor, who is a sub commander with over 300 boys, mostly from Niger Republic, confessed that his group, headed by Dankarimi was behind the kidnapping of the twin sisters.

“He said that the N15million received was shared among commanders working for Dankarimi. Baba Doctor got N500, 000, which he shared with his boys. He also confessed that his group ambushed and killed a team of soldiers on patrol at the Doburu Forest on December 29, 2018. They attacked the soldiers with rocket propelled grenade. According to him, they bought the weapons from Libya through Niger Republic. He identified one ‘Alhaji Naira’ equally Arrested by IRT as the person who used to provide the funds use in buying arms.” Baba Doctor narrated that all subcommanders of Dankarimi, who he said live in forest, go around town rustling cows, which they later hand over to Alhaji Naira. Naira in turn sends the cows to waiting buyers in Agege Abattoir Market in Lagos State. After killing and selling the cows, the money goes back to Dankarimi through Naira. After his arrest, Baba Doctor led IRT operatives to arrest Naira, who then revealed the names of four of their receivers in Lagos State known as
1) Alhaji Ago Atine,
2) Alawani Abubakar,
3) Mohammed Shagari and
4) Bashiru Aliyu.

“They were arrested by IRT Operatives led by DCP Kyari in lagos while they were selling some of the buttered cows, which were rustled in Zamfara State,” The suspects, All Natives of Zamfara State, admitted to have bought over 2000 cows from bandits within the space of one year. The suspects admitted knowing that the cows were stolen.

They also confessed to being aware that those they buy cows from were bandits, Robbing cows and killing Innocent Citizens in Zamfara State. Alhaji Ago Atine, 50, said: “I have received over 400 cows from Alhaji Naira from Zamfara State. I sell them at Abattior Market, after which I send money back to Alhaji Naira. I accepted cows from Alhaji Naira because they are usually cheap. I buy the cows between N60, 000 and N70, 000.

I sell for N170, 000 and 180,000, depending on the size. I receive cows weekly, and after selling them, I send money into Alhaji Naira’s account. I don’t know what Alhaji does with the money. I know the cows were stolen from their owners in Zamfara State.

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Buhari pledges Steps To End Illegal Tax Collections



President Muhammadu Buhari Friday in Abuja pledged that the Federal Government will look into the issue of illegal tax collections with a view to encouraging more private sector businesses to thrive in the country.

Receiving the leadership of the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers Association of Nigeria (AUFCDN), led by Alhaji Ali Tahir, President Buhari told them his administration had genuine intentions to eliminate illegal taxes in the country, despite the fact that ‘‘old habits die hard.’’

The President, who was responding to a request by the association on the need for the Federal Government to rein in on the unhealthy practice of illegal tax collections, said:

‘‘I am appalled to learn that these illegal tax collections still persist. Bad habits are not easily dropped.

‘‘But let me assure you that relevant security agencies will be reminded of their duties in preventing these bad practices and safeguarding people like you who go about their legitimate businesses.

‘‘I will take up all your appeals and complaints in due course and together with State Governments, we will attend to your proposals.’’

Describing the association as very important and strategic to the nation’s economy, the President told the delegation: ‘‘The merchandise and products you trade in are basic to any economy. The real wealth of this country lies in agriculture and livestock rearing.’’

He, therefore, pledged that his administration would continue to do its best to assist the sector, noting that some of the more advanced countries like Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark built their economies primarily on agriculture and livestock trade.

On the 2019 elections, President Buhari welcomed the associations’ support for his administration, recalling that they also demonstrated their solidarity for his candidacy in the build-up to the 2015 elections.

In his remarks, the General Secretary of the Union, Alhaji Ahmed Alarama, declared that they will work for the re-election of President Buhari because of the great strides his administration has taken to put the country on the path of sustainable growth.

To play the campaign role effectively, Alarama appealed to the President to ensure that the organisation is represented on the national campaign teams for the Buhari/Osinbajo re-election movement.

On the issue of illegal tax collections, Alarama said: ‘‘Roadblocks are mounted by unknown persons on several highways including those in Adamawa, Taraba, Benue, Cross River, Ebonyi, Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Bayelsa States and these continue to constitute a hindrance to our businesses.’’

Commending the Buhari Administration for the progress of work on the Lagos-Ibadan rail project, the group urged the Federal Government to establish a food and livestock market with close proximity to road and rail around Lagos-Ogun State expressway.

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Why We Poured Acid on our Victim – Ghanaian Robbers


Why we poured acid on our victim – Ghanaians robbers

By Ifeanyi Okolie

The Inspector – General of Police Intelligence Response Team ( IRT ) Led by DCP Abba Kyari has arrested two Ghanaians who poured raw acid on their victim after robbing him at the Olukwu area of Benin, Edo State.

The Ghanaians, Eric Aidan and Matthew Kwasha who were described by the Police as notorious Criminals who specialised in killing their victims with raw acid after dispossessing them of their Properties, especially vehicles were Arrested by IRT.

Police investigation reveals that the Ghanaians mode of operation was to seek employment as a driver or conductor in haulage companies during which they would study the company and perfect ways to divert their employers goods and sell the vehicles.
And after selling the goods they will relocate to another place where they would apply for the same position in another company.

The last operation that gave them out
was the incident of December 9, when they attacked a driver, Taiwo Adesanya with raw acid in Olukwu area of Benin City and they left him because they thought he was dead before they snatched his truck loaded with 600 bags of sugar and dragged him out of the truck.
After the attack, The Company Reported to the nearby police station and when nothing was coming frm the Conventional Police investigation in Benin, The victim’s company petitioned the Inspector – General of Police who directed the Officer In charge of IRT, DCP Abba Kyari, to go after the robbers and bring them to justice. And After Days Of unrelenting follow up the Prime Suspects Mentioned above Arrested by IRT in Nsuka Enugu State when they visited a Herbalist to prepare Charms for them to Evade Arrest.

The victim who narrated his ordeal in excruciating pains said: “I am a driver with Limtob Global Ventures, Shagamu, Ogun State. You can see that I am half dead. I am partially blind and this is the handwork of the two Ghanaians. One of them is my conductor and the other one is his accomplice. On the fateful day, I did not have the premonition that something sinister was going to happen to me.

I was assigned by my company to go and pick 600 bags of sugar to supply to a Brewery in Benin City, Edo State. I went with my conductor, Matthew a Ghanaian but I didn’t know that he is a killer and a robber. I did not know that he was planning to kill me and divert the goods the company sent us to deliver to another company. My conductor told me that I should assist one of his friends who joined us at the Command area of Shagamu as he was going to Benin. Out of my magnanimity, I accepted to offer my conductor and his friend assistance. I did not know that I was digging my own grave. Really, the guy met us and I recognised him as one of our staff who was sacked some time ago.

“My conductor’s friend narrated how he has been suffering and I pitied him and even bought food for him and my conductor. They did not portray any iota of wickedness as they were showing appreciations to me and was so relaxed with them. When we arrived Olukwu, near Benin, I became tired and parked my vehicle and slept off inside the front seat. I was in very deep sleep when something like the fire started ravaging my body and I quickly woke up in excruciating pains.
I did not know what was happening to me but I could not see again. I started shouting for help. As I was shouting for help, the fire was cutting me into pieces. While I was shouting I was hearing the voices of my conductor and his friend. They were speaking in Ghana language mixed with pigeon English. My conductor was telling his friend to finish me with the wheel spanner and his freind replied that the acid was enough to kill him. That was when I realised that it was acid they poured on me.

I pretended as if I was dead. My conductor said, the man is already dead, and they dragged me out of the vehicle and dumped me by the roadside. It was at that instance that I started shouting for help and some good Nigerians rushed me to the hospital. I temporarily lost consciousness. I was later told by my family members that they were informed that robbers poured acid on me and took away my company’s vehicle. I can’t really say how i
I was traced to Benin by the management of my Company also the directed has been taking care of my medical bill.

“As it is now, I don’t know whether I will survive, because the pain is too much to bear. I am going through serious pains. I have been told that I need plastic surgery and I need to save one of the eyes that I use to see partially. The other one is totally blind. Secondly, I need justice. I am begging that the government should let those who poured me acid go through the same pains that I am going through. I did good for them and they paid me with evil. They should be paid with the coins they paid me. I must commend my company and The Nigeria Police IRT Unit. Also The company is trying, but the burden is too much for a one-man business. The company cannot single-handedly foot my bills. I don’t want to die, i still have wife and children to cater for.”

On his part, The Arrested Suspect Eric admitted buying N2000 worth of acid at Shagamu with the intent of pouring it on the driver.
He said that it was Matthew who pushed him into the crime: ” We are not professional robbers. We are ordinary thieves. We use to steal small Car batteries and other crimes Before Mathew planned the Operation and begged me to join him hence we started perfecting the plans. We agreed that after killing the driver, we would divert the Truck and sell all the goods and also sell the back of the truck only because the head of the truck has a tracking device hidden inside. When we arrived Olukwu in Edo State I poured the acid into a cup and then handed it over to Mathew who poured it on the driver who was fast asleep. It was when the driver screamed in pains that I realised the gravity of what we had done.

The driver was able to recognise us because I shouted Eric’s me. The driver responded in Yoruba “Omo Ghana has killed me”.
“We drove the truck to Matthew’s sisters house in Owo where someone was waiting to buy the sugar. We kept the goods in the care of Matthew’s sister and drove the truck head back to Olukwu where we abandoned it. We later sold the back of the truck to someone for N700,000. The buyer paid N600,000. I gave Matthew N300,000 and i kept the other N300,000 to myself. We then relocated to Nsuka where we went to see a herbalist and we were arrested at Nsuka Enugu State”

Suspects arrested have all confessed to the crime, Truck and Some parts of the goods recovered and they will soon be charged to Court.

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Singers Adekunle Gold and Simi Set to Wed


Nigeria celebrity singers, Adekunle Gold and Simi are set to tie the nuptial knot as 300 guests will attend Adekunlegold and Simi’s wedding today.

Singers Adekunlegold and Simi are set to become legally married, 3 weeks after they did their secret wedding introduction in Magodo, Lagos.

The lovebirds will tie the nuptial knot later today and only 300 people will be privileged to witness the epoch event.

Source: Instablog9ja

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Award Winning Student Writer Visits Femi Adesina


Ikponmwosa Kingsley Osamede is a student of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Benin. He is also highly literary, and recently won an essay writing contest in the oil and gas industry.
On Monday, January 7, 2019, Osamede traversed the hills and the valleys, from Benin to Abuja, to visit Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, with whom he had been in contact online for some time. He didn’t come empty handed. He brought a portrait of his host.
The young writer also put his thoughts about the visit on paper, which he titled, We do our bit for Motherland, which is reproduced below:

In the words of John Adams, “Our obligations to our country never ceases but with our lives”. These words of one of the founding fathers of the United States of America and the second President of that great country recently found a rebirth in the life of one great father, presidential spokesman and celebrated journalist in the person of Mr. Femi Adesina.

I can recall having a chat with Mr. Femi Adesina on how he is able to manage the busy schedule associated with being a spokesperson for the President, and he giving me a response I would come to cherish as one of the most profound statements I have ever heard. In response to my inquiry, he said: “We do our bit for motherland’’.

As an ace journalist that doubles as a clergyman, it’s not surprising how he’s able to counter the often unsubstantiated rhetorics from the opposition party with no modicum of vituperation or belligerence from his end. He redefined to me the subtle art of convincing one’s opponent without name calling, which is very uncommon in our clime.

Even on the many television programs he has featured in, he has never once lost grip of his emotions or river of thought. He’s always abreast with happenings in the society and he gives just the right answer to every question thrown at him.

Mr. Femi Adesina’s calm and collected composure is identical with his principal’s. Recall here, the atmosphere of the 2019 budget presentation in 2018 by President Muhammadu Buhari before the Joint Session of the National Assembly. Ignoble acts of the lawmakers was respectfully ignored and later doused by the noble words of Mr. President. He said “the world is watching us; we ought to be above this”. These words became as ointment to open wounds and as peace on raging storms. Calm was restored in no time.

Mr. Femi Adesina’s eloquence and wisdom are similar to that of another Aso Villa clergyman who is the number two man in the country. It’s even more so, when you study how they attend to political and societal matters with Biblical principles befitting of sons of God. Prof Yemi Osinbanjo has in many ways proven why he’s an award winning orator and pulpit man. Indeed, debates to Mr. Vice President are like the English letter alphabet recitals for an English Professor. No contest therefore.

As a writer myself, I have learnt so much reading the Spokesman’s thoughts in his many articles, as well as picking his brain whenever we chat. The thoughts, grammar and illustrations in all his pieces, which should be rightly called masterpieces, tell what sort of a literature master he is. Every time I see his name below every header, I am more than certain of the veracity of the content that follows.

I have had cause to research what his schedule is like on an average day, boy will you be amazed! From preparing itineraries, informative articles and speeches, brainstorming ideas, participating in numerous conferences, jetting off and touching down, appearing on television, radio programs and phone pickups from various media outlets and personalities. It’s really difficult to think he even has enough time to breathe! In one interview, he did say the job of a presidential spokesman can only be done at most in the two terms of that President as the job not only tells on one’s health but one’s family as well.

For someone of his societal stature, I would never have dreamed of conversing with him, given the fact that I am a medical undergraduate. But for his humility and his people personality, that was never the case.

I must therefore commend such a man.

In a world where fake news and half-baked journalists hold sway, the likes of Femi Adesina give hope to the noble career.

By Ikponmwosa Kingsley Osamede
Award winning writer,
University of Benin, Medicine and Surgery

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