Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

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Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

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Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

It is sad that perhaps, we may be missing the real narrative of the Big Brother Nigeria show. I was forced to check the YouTube channel of the show after reading commentaries about it.

The episode I chanced upon was of an eviction show. And then this grown man, stripped naked, crying and begging to be saved from being evicted. He said so many things which resonates and could capture the fate of most members of the house.

At the base of it all, and for most of these folks, reside deep seated frustration and sense of hopelessness, which has ensured they are ready to do anything to have a break. That sense of hopelessness and desperation is what organisers have seized upon to exploit. It may be convenient to criticise these folks, but I think we would do well to first immerse ourselves, contemplatively, in the situations this group of Nigerians have found themselves.

It is uncharitable, for us, to remain in denial about the lived realities of our youth population, and we should accept that. And before we blame them, if we must blame them, let us also give a though to the system that is vicious enough to compel most of our youths can easily relegate their sense and essence of the self in order to survive.

Why should we even express outcry over the show, in the first place if I may ask? Is this because its on TV? Where is our outcry when all our streets are littered with young girls from the campuses every night? Where is the outcry when bus loads of our daughters are driven into government houses as asides for guests of their ‘Excellencies’?

Where is our outcry when young girls are made to produce infants for sale at baby factories? And where is our outcry when almost all avenues at redemption are shut for majority of the youth population? Before you cast that stone at them, tell me if you are not a part of the systemic failure that has led to this rot in one way or the other.

When faced with a situation, we must learn to not start from the victims, but to first deal with that which makes victim of the people.

Steve Aborisade is a Nigerian media personality, based in Israel. He is also the Coordinator at Projekthope.

Big Brother Naija: Beyond The Outcry By Steve Aborisade

Dare Gbadebo

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