Celebrity singer, Yinka Rythmz drops new single, titled 5 points

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Yinka Rythmz, 5 points, Darebaba.net,

Celebrity singer, Yinka Rythmz drops new single, titled 5 points

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Celebrity singer, Yinka Rythmz drops new single, titled 5 points


Yinka Rythmz | 5 points

Adeyinka Quadri Adeola-Hazzan who is popularly known in the United States music circle as Yinka Rythmz is a father, musician and a businessman of great repute.

During a recent interview with NaijaOnlineTV Yinka Rythmz revealed exclusively to us, his music, life and background. Yinka Rythmz, 5 points, Darebaba.net,

On how he got the name Yinka Rhythmz, he revealed that though Yinka is his name, but Rythmz is from a group/band that he used to be part of in Houston, Texas, U.S.A back then. So he added the names together to make a brand for himself known today as Yinka Rhythmz.

He reveal further, that he was actually born into music as he’s Dad was late Alhaji Rasheed Adio popularly known as 2nd Barrister and famously referred to as Mr. Somebody paved the way for him.

Yinka Rythmz is currently working on his debut album and he informed that all the singles in the forthcoming album are all inspirational and quite emotional as well.

He notes the songs, as a variety of everything we go through on daily basis, part of which are love, attitude, money, women, prayer, life and betrayal.

According to Yinka Rythmz, his role model are his late father, Alhaji Rasheed Adio, King Sunny Ade, Brian McKnight, Bob Marley and late Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

In anticipation of his forthcoming debut album Yinka Rhythmz has recorded several collaborations with different star musical artistes include “Mr Rudeboy” Paul of P-Square on his track titled “Love Notes” and lots more.

However, he looks forward to doing collaborations with the likes of Wizkid, Olamide, Mr. Flavour and also Nicki Minaj.

His genre of song is called Modern gospel trado classical juju hip fuji, which implies that he sings everything including R&B, Soul, Gospel, Contemporary Highlife and Juju music in Fuji voice.

Presently Yinka Rythmz, is one of the best, most sought after and most popular Nigerian music artiste in diaspora and he informed that he had been able to achieve that only through the grace of God, he hustles hard at his craft and push himself to the limit to achieve his ultimate goal, which is to entertain his fans with good music.

Yinka Rythmz who is presently under a record label known as Rashan Music revealed that his most prized possession is his life and kids.

Yinka Rythmz, 5 points, Darebaba.net, The talented music artiste is not only gifted in music, but also very brilliant academically. As he won a scholarship to study in the United States where his music exposure came while trying to make more money as a student by playing drums for Nigerian top musicians during their visit to the US.

An idea which didn’t go well with his Dad who thought his son is working with his rivals.

Yinka Rhythmz is awesomely living very large, no doubt as he recently acquired a brand new 2017 Mercedes Benz GLE 450 with AMG and he called it a lifetime gift, he decided to give himself.

In his word he says “When you work hard, its only right you reward yourself. You only live once”.

Yinka Rythmz is definitely a successfully recognized and well appreciated music talent, as he recently bagged the ” Outstanding Artiste of the Year” Award at the NAFB Awards 2016 held in Texas, U.S.A.

On the awards, he revealed, he was absolutely not expecting the award, as it came to him as a surprise.

Within the next five years, Yinka Rythmz hopes to be on top of the world in music internationally. The sky is the starting point for him and he is definitely reaching out for it.

Yinka Rythmz feels fulfilled to the tenth power. As he is yet to be contented with his achievements so far, he stays hungry, citing the music industry as a chemical reaction that changes every minute.

But he is definitely counting his blessings and will continue to thank God always for his blessings upon him.

Yinka Rythmz is definitely working on a few projects presently which include a Mercedes Benz commercial, a few special features for his forthcoming debut album and a few documentary film coming out this year.

Yinka Rythmz to his amazing effort, recently dropped a new single titled, “5 Points”, where he had revealed all about how it started, notably telling his story, his life, career, music and all of him.

If he had not been a music artiste, Yinka Rythmz would have definitely remained an Endocrinologist and a Pharmacist that he is.

Yinka Rythmz would like to be known as ” The Omo Somebody ” who lifted the legacy of “Mr. Somebody” to the world through music and humanity.

He’s advice to the younger generation is to go to school, study, get a career, let that be the foundation, stay hungry and shoot for the stars, because he believes you can be anything that you want to be in life.

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Dare Gbadebo

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Darebaba.net, Yinka Rythmz, 5 points,

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