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Looking at a scenario, which played itself in the recent final match of the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup between the host nation, France and the eventual winners of the tournament, Portugal, the CEO of Team Nigeria (UK) International, Mr. David Doherty in a recent chat with NaijaOnlineTV revealed his heartfelt and candid opinion to all African sports administrators, FA’s in Africa and other sporting bodies.


The Portuguese team have among them, players of African descent, mainly from Guinea Bissau, Angola, Cape Verde, totalling 6 in number.

While the French team has more from DR Congo, Cameroon, Senegal, Mali, Congo, Angola, Madagascar, Morocco and Guinea to be precise totaling 11 in number.

In a nutshell, 17 African players were on ground to play the final match of the UEFA Euro Cup, a tournament reserved mainly for Europeans.

On other record, 6 Nigerian players took part in the 2016 Euro Cup tournament for various European countries and these and more gives a lot of response to the question, when asked on why an African country is yet to win the world cup.

In Doherty’s submission, he is of the opinion that though it is a very simple issue, but a large chunk of it relies on the fact that things are not done based on merit, in this part of the world.

As grassroots development programs are not well structured and set out to discover raw talents. DAVID DOHERTY ADVISES, AFRICAN FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATORS

He believes, we only prepare for short term and never look at the long term objectives, to create that platform for continuity and development.

Including a position, where everyone, even coaches now becomes players agent to exploit this young players, with better and greener pastures in Europe, as the home land is not providing necessary support needed.

However, he thinks change is gradually coming if only we can embrace the people, who really want to make a difference in our dear Africa and its development through grassroots sports.

Doherty, went further by informing, that grassroot development, is not about organizing tournaments to search them, he thinks there is more to it than that.

As he states, it involves a whole lot, as we have to do things right at the bottom to get it right at the top.

David Doherty made it known, that grassroots international tournaments should not be a platform, where we lay more emphasis on coaches to ensure they deliver trophy or medals, rather it should be seen as a developmental tournament, where players and coaches gain experience and can also access some players at that level to see and test their mental readiness among others.

He believes when these few bits are considered, then coaches at that level will tend to open their minds and not look at ways to bring older players, that are meant for older groups to an under-aged group, as he is of the opinion that all things will tell, when they get to the senior level and then age will be a barrier that will reduce their ability to deliver at their best against other European counterparts.

Doherty, thinks that is a more reason why European countries hardly win youth tournaments but they deliver when it matters at senior group stage, due to the facts, earlier mentioned.

He advises those at the helms of affair in regards to African football administration, countries’ FAs and all other sporting bodies in general to look in ward to set a proper plan, which will include welfare of both players and coaches, so they don’t look elsewhere to get income or turn out to be players agent among other vices.

In regards to Doherty’s opinion, he thinks if a foundation is faltered, no amount of expertise or money poured into the building, will make it effective as the onus will always surface.

He says Africans should learn to do things right for the young generations coming after.


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