Without reservation for any of them and without sentiment, i humbly submit the following as a former legislator:

I am simply impressed by series of spirited moves of some of our legislators and most especially Senator Omoworare, his track records in law making is arguably fantastic.

He was elected to make law and that I believe he is doing to the best of his ability, not just that, he is using his position to influence some projects that would be meaningful to the development of his senatorial district and his people.

This our idea of expecting individual charity from a mere legislator is damned too bad as a culture in this country. To the best of my knowledge, Senator Omoworare and our set in the 7th assembly facilitated projects like schools, water schemes and some employment slots for our people. We can not jettison their side(Senator or Reps), regardless of their differences in political party, else we are loosing our rights on them.

I also strongly believe that we can still approach them for more of what they can do with their privileges and position as a Senator and Reps of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, they are few, the senators are not up to one thousand since our Independence. We must stop this myopic idea of demanding individual perishable empowerment.

Much of the government recruitment exercises are on going at the moment. To what extent have we exploited this angle? The Police, Custom, Federal inland revenue, Army etc are presently advertising for recruitment. With all these on, they could influence and assist many of our jobless youths, we must jettison this demand for assistance on funeral, naming ceremony, chieftaincy etc.

Things like these and many others are not reasons for our votes for our legislators and many of us are sometime ignorant of the fact that office holders make a diary of how many cows he or she bought against the names of some of us people/ politicians who sees such as exploitation angle instead of presenting them with reasonable demand that could bail them from poverty.

I remember, I bought over 200 cows while in government, Is it not better for us as politicians or electorates to identify where a letter or phone call from our representative can open better doors for us through our political office holder? than for us to pester him or her with demands for perishable things of life.

We must change. Demanding cash or whatever from any of them as an electorate or measuring their performances by the amount of what they have done for us as an individual is certainly unfair. Not just our amiable performing Senator Omoworare but also applicable to all our elected legislators. It is damn too bad to rate them by those palliative and perishable things they can do.

Somehow, many of us are ignorant of the fact that that popular constituency fund or allowance is never handed directly to law maker, nor is it in form of cash but that every law maker is simply saddled with the right to determine what to do with allotted amount as intervention fund and to insert it in the yearly budget through a ministry for any project of his (people) choice, many do not even know that available budget amount for Lagos reps or senator is smaller comparable to those representatives from Bayelsa or even Osun state.

Comparing our representative with those of them privileged to make the principal offices is like comparing goat with a cow. We need to come of age and be reasonable to ask ourselves this question, how many of us as his or her people can this legislator satisfy with cash? motor vehicle? motor cycle or other things? Bearing in mind that thousands of us voted for him, doing few of such often attract envies as you can never be fair or satisfy all your people with such gestures.

I personally regretted dolling out over hundred cars during my era at the 7th assembly, references are today being made only on those non perishable schools projects, ICT centres, town hall, health centre projects, scholarships, bills and motions.

Performing legislators like Senator Babajide Omoworare, is someone we should all be proud of as a noble citizen of this country, for instance, Senator Omoworare and our dear Professor Adeyeye, Yayi, Tinubu, Famurewa and others are the most vocal and of course the engine room of the senate and the House as at today.

Without them there is no life or good business of the day, its only brilliant members like Senator Jide Omoworare, that occupies such position he once occupied in the senate and certainly not a place for dullards or bench warmers. I can also recall how many of us groan for not seeing them often, this is also an unfair judgement.

Their place of work as elected senator or reps is at Abuja and not Osun state, ife or ilesha and if we therefore see them or him in particular often it simply means he is not doing the job we elected him to do. Calling a legislator’s phone at every time of the day is also not the best social practice as done by many of us.

I would rather suggest we use text as means of communication instead of bugging their phone mostly at busy time, sometimes we don’t know when they are in the chamber working for us or busy with committee jobs, or their oversight function’s period which are unknown to us. I want to believe good men respond to all their texts at intervals.

I have seen a situation while in the house, where upon me picking repeated calls that disturbed me repeatedly, the voice at the other end simply said “just to say hello” and at times to tell me “your wife just delivered”, meaning his own wife. The calls sometimes came to my phone more than twenty times and mostly while in one meeting or the other and when I eventually pick, you can imagine what I heard. “just to say I saw you on TV raising a motion”.

What a distraction! Truly much is expected from our representatives or legislators, especially at this festive period, we want rice, we want money, we want this and that to celebrate but they can only do for us only within their limited resources. As they work within limited powers, many of us do not even know that the NASS, is also facing cash crunch at this recession period.

Members are not paid, this include their aides and we failed to realized that they have no fund control on central bank unlike the president. Governors and local government chairman operate on budget and they have unlimited executive power unlike legislatures and not even under this corrupt free President Muhammadu Buhari government, with his series of changes in our national policy.

We too as voters and people must change our primitive policies, let’s appreciate our people by their performances in the chamber and not by what they failed to give us please. To think Hon Akinwumi who was recently elected in Lagos state can do wonder at this Christmas or new year is to think they steal over there.
Many of his mates who were lucky to have served as local govt chairmen in places like Lagos or River state must be silently regretting by now, except those who have the call to serve and not to target money benefits, as they think and not as many of us think.

Hon. Rotimi Makinde, is a former member of the Federal House of representative, from Ife, Osun state.



Dare Gbadebo

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