Fela Durotoye and the inertia of change By Steve Aborisade

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Fela Durotoye and the inertia of change By Steve Aborisade


Fela Durotoye and the inertia of change

Durotoye is a courageous Nigerian. We need more of his attitude and boldness. For what he stands for, I respect him so much. He has truly impacted a lot of young Nigerians and it will be wrong to assume he does not have what it takes to be president. However, his ambition to me is like an utopian. His aspiration and declaration is currently getting what it can get – trend on social media, gain momentum, trend again, and fizzle out when it mattered the most. I am not sure what much vote it can garner. I was part of a similar experiment once. I came out of that holding on to some vital political lessons of our clime. Nothing has changed, if in doubt, I’ll say wait till its time. I am a very hopeful Nigerian and, I so much belief in the power of youth. But I tell you, the Nigerian youth as presently constituted will be unable to deliver the needed votes to Durotoye. Anyone who think otherwise is naive. That naivety can also be found in the party he intends to fly their flag. I am a pragmatic observer and participant of our political process, that require that I perceive issues realistically. On this, Fela and his party could have come to it differently, in my opinion. In a country where goats, snakes and monkeys are devouring our yams, and swallowing our money, we perhaps need an hyena who can consume those animals and what they have digested. Fela is not an hyena and I don’t see him becoming one anytime soon. Our political space as currently constituted is a jungle. Only the wild can flourish. You can idealise for all I care but we all know this is the fact. We tend to be unrealistic wishing for a Trudeau and a Macron without wanting to do the work that ensured there is the environment that could produce these men as leaders. This is where the work lies, the theatre where the likes of Fela are needed the most now, which is in sync with where he has charted a course. We will have the likes of Fela rule us only if we work to produce the needed environment that can berth the level of sanity where goats, snakes and monkeys won’t have a need to swallow our money. To be sure, the youth demographic needed to deliver lack the ideological orientation to do what’s needful. Anyone in doubt should wait until when the results starts trickling in. These current leaders of tomorrow would rather sell that tomorrow for a pot of porridge. No one should be deceived. The hubris on social media remains what it is without the needed courage to translate into votes. This is aside the fact that Fela’s candidacy lack the needed Nigerian spread, and does not appeal to the sentiments that still drives our politics. Your day will come Fela, our day will come. Only I am very doubtful it is now. Thank you for showing courage and for giving vent to the agitations of several young people.

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