Firmino is optimistic about liverpool winning the premier league this season


Firmino is optimistic about liverpool winning the premier league this season

The Reds have a positive feeling about this Premier League campaign, as per Bobby.

However, they are fully aware that anything can happen in the upcoming months.

So, they are pretty ‘careful’, fully focused and continue with their one game at a time approach.

Good news is, the lads are super professionals and the team are even stronger then the last term, Bobby feels.

Liverpool are soon to face Tottenham at Anfield and Bobby Firmino believes that the win against Spurs might significantly boost the Reds’ morale in their strive for the first Premier League title in 30 years.

Not that this win defines the team’s confidence – apparently, the lads are pretty optimistic about ending the title drought this term regardless. Optimistic but cautious and concentrated, as Bobby quickly clarifies.

“It would show once again that we believe this is going to be our year in the Premier League. This year is our time,” said the Brazillian as quoted by Mirror.

“But we have to be careful. In this moment we are the leaders and we are playing well. But we haven’t won anything yet. So, we are optimistic, yes – but you have to continue working game by game.

“Thinking ahead is just not worth it. I learned long ago that in England, anything can happen. Just dropping two or three points can leave you missing out on the title.

“The good news is that this Liverpool team is super professional. We know what is required of us and the pressure we are exposed to. That is important because there is a lot of the season still to go, even though we have started so well.

“I think this team is stronger than last year. When I look around, I see the strongest team. Winning the Champions League last season helped us because it showed our level – and this year I would say we have improved even more. I have very positive feelings about the season.

“So my message to the fans is to keep supporting us. Success will come.”

Source- Mirror

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