Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

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Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

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Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

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Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives, Comrade Timi Frank has advised a member of the Lagos APC chapter, Joe Igbokwe to file a petition of corruption against former Vice President Atiku Abubakar if he has evidence instead of using desperately news-hungry, online muck raking media to convict him of corruption.

Igbokwe had told an online media that the ex-VP Atiku “can not be Nigeria President,” attributing his reason to corruption.

But reacting in a statement on Thursday in Abuja, to what he called Igbokwe’s desperate enemy efforts to bring down Atiku Abubakar at all costs, Frank reminds the APC official that the media have not and cannot be an alternative court to try and convict perceived political opponents.

He also asked whether Igbokwe has forgotten that Atiku Abubakar remains one of the most investigated politicians anywhere in the world, asking the APC Lagos spokesman to present to the world if he has any evidence against the Waziri Adamawa or “keep silence forever”.

“Has Igbokwe lost the address to the EFCC office in Lagos or Abuja? What stops him from going there with all the evidence to convict Atiku? He would have achieved maximum publicity by furnishing the EFCC with the evidence of corruption against the former Vice President”, Frank asked forcefully but rhetorically.

According to the APC Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Igbokwe’s “latest lazy propaganda is not original” and that “if enemies repeat falsehoods a million times, it will never be the substitute for evidence of corruption against Atiku and indeed any other”.

Frank says “rabies infected political Rottweilers like Igbokwe should ordinarily be ashamed of their dirty roles in politics and for bringing our democracy into ridicule”, but regrets that Igbokwe mistook public toleration of his sycophantic politics for approval.

Timi Frank reminds Igbokwe that the greatest tragedy is for a politician to forget his origin and insult his roots because of political opportunism, which has become his area of competence.

He explains that “politicians that seek survival by being mercenaries deserve more pity than condemnation because honour and principles mean nothing to them in this world.

“God couldn’t have been kinder to Atiku Abubakar. He has survived more vicious political enemies before, and the latest Joe Igbokwe wouldn’t make any difference.”

Frank Tackles Igbokwe Over Comments On Atiku

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