Gal Dee, Kenyan star drops Mahaba Video, Check Republic

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Gal Dee, Mahaba Video, Check Republic, Darebaba.net,

Gal Dee, Kenyan star drops Mahaba Video, Check Republic

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Gal Dee, Kenyan star drops Mahaba Video, Check Republic


Gal Dee, Mahaba Video, Check Republic, Darebaba.net,

Gal Dee | Mahaba

Her full name is Gaudencia Odada, she is a Kenyan music artiste from Mombasa but presently based in Berlin, Germany.

Her first music producer came up with the name “Gal Dee” after she recorded her first song in the studio.

Gal Dee is a singer, songwriter and a musical artiste with great passion for music.

Gal Dee who recently dropped a new music video, spoke to Naija Online TV in an exclusive interview, from her base in Germany.

She revealed that “Mahaba” is a love song, about the ups and down in romantic relationships and ultimately about appreciation and forgiveness.

She says the concept behind the music video, is just a storyline to follow the song’s title about a couple that had issues and the lady felt like quitting the relationship but the guy wont give way due to the good times they both shared together.

On her Choice of “One Shot Media” to direct the music video, Gal Dee revealed that she’s been working with the music video director, from her very first music video till now because she believes that that’s the best video director in Kenya.

She cites her song “Mahaba” as the most inspirational song to her, because she feels the chorus is just too powerful. Gal Dee, Mahaba Video, Check Republic, Darebaba.net,

“Mahaba”, a song sang in her native Kenyan Language, is translated in English to mean, “i’m used to your love, i’m used to you, misunderstanding is normal and please i need your forgiveness”.

According to Gal Dee “Mahaba” is a song anybody can sing and relate to. Though she sings Zouk, Afro-fusion and Bounce, Gal Dee is currently working on recording an Afrobeat song.

Starting out professionally, as a musical artiste in the year 2013, Gal Dee is yet to drop an album. But so far, she has recorded four single tracks that had been combined to an EP, which was dropped in April, 2016.

Songs she has recorded so far, are “Mi Ni Wako”, “Chanda Na Pete”, “Nieleze” and her hit song “Mahaba”.

Yet to do a collaboration with any artiste, but Gal Dee informs that she is open and available for exciting new projects.

Gal Dee speaks different languages, which include English, Swahili, German and Luo, the native language of her tribe.

She might have being singing in Swahili, a Kenyan language before now, Gal Dee is presently working on new songs, which she claim will be recorded in English language.

Gal Dee attended high school in Kenya, but she is currently a medical student in Germany.

When asked on how she intend to reach out to other Africans who dont speak her language through songs.

Gal Dee explained, that music is universal. Making reference to her voice which she informs can transmit melodies to the listeners who dont even understand the words being said in the songs.

She also believes through her videos messages can as well be passed across.

Gal Dee is very optimistic that the future of African music in Europe is big enough considering the uniqueness it connotes to differentiate itself from the European style.

From her own experience she informed, that majority in Europe especially in Germany where she reside on listening to African songs for the first time easily gets drawn to the unique sound, rhythm and beat dancing with so much excitement.

Another aspect during her interview, was her thought on the Kenyan music industry, which she says is a big multicultural melting point, because she says they are so open and doing every kind of music, whether local, African, or international.

But in fairness she thinks the music industry in Kenya, still has room to grow nevertheless, with a lot of potentials available at their disposal.

Gal Dee’s favourite Kenyan music star, is an underground artiste from Nairobi, known as Amileena.

Her favourite foreign artiste according to her, is Nigeria and Africa’s king of highlife, Flavour N’abania. In her words, Gal Dee is much hoping to collaborate with Mr. Flavour N’abania and as well with Wbanks.

Gal Dee who is happily married revealed that her most prized possession is life and love.

Gal Dee on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GAL-DEE



Check Republic, Darebaba.net, Gal Dee, Mahaba Video,

Author: Dare Gbadebo the publisher of darebaba.net is a versatile writer who had his media training based on photography at PEFTI film institute and has written for many top media houses in Nigeria. Stay tuned for your favorite celebrity news political updates and paparazzi.

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