Get the Lime, get resistance to several diseases

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Get the Lime, get resistance to several diseases

Get the Lime, get resistance to several diseases

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Get the Lime, get resistance to several diseases

India is regarded as the place of origin of lime. It is grown throughout the tropics. Mainly the acid citrus species are in major cultivation trend.

Lime belongs to the group of citrus fruits. It finds an important place in our daily meals as a valuable adjunct. It enhances the health and is regarded a highly valued fruit. Lime is smaller than lemon and have less quantity of juice in them.

Their skin is greenish, thin and smooth.

It is a rich source of Vitamin C and bears a sweet aroma. Lime tree is small in height and multi-branched with spiny branches and smaller green leaves.

Medicinal Benefits of Lime

Fresh lime juice possesses medicinal property which is well known from ancient ages in India. It is also called a sacred fruit in the Vedas, Sharangdhara and Charaka. The latter two famous physicians of ancient India had used the lime juice for alleviating orthopaedic aliments therapeutically.

The vitamin C as a primary component of the lime juice increases the resistance of individuals to several diseases, helps in wound healing and increases the health of eyes.

It improves the maintenance of good dentition and keeps away toothache, dental caries, swollen gums , fragility of bones and bleeding of the gums.

Limes are acidic in nature and serve as rich source of vitamin C, citric acid, sugar, certain minerals like calcium and phosphorous.

The content of Vitamin C is more in lime than in lemon. It finds its importance for its acidic sour juice which is preferred for ingestion along with water. It is also an additive with salads for imparting tart flavour and in retention of the normal colour of fruits.

The acidic juice of lime facilitates the lipid and alcohol absorption and neutralizes excessive bile produced by the liver. The juice reduces gastric acidity by counteracting with the effects of greasy food. It is, therefore, useful in the treatment of peptic ulcers.

Acidic juice of the fruit acts as curative for tonsillitis. Oral ingestion of lime juice mixed with salt in water provides relief from burning sensation and also stops bleeding in cystitis (inflammation of urinary bladder).

Lime is vital in the treatment of gastric disorders like indigestion, constipation and peptic ulcer. It stops the occurrence of indigestion, burning in the chest due to high acidity in the stomach, abrupt bilious vomiting and excessive accumulation of saliva in the mouth.

Lime juice with a pinch of soda bicarb mixed in water improves indigestion and gastric upset due to severe acidity after heavy rich, spicy meals. It can also be used as carminative in indigestion and sedation is produced by release of carbonic acid and gas. In chronic constipation by promoting biliary secretion from the liver, it improves intestinal motility.

2. It is also a recommended therapy in weight reduction and in obesity.

During mornings at empty stomach, lime juice with honey in lukewarm water to be ingested for 2-3 months for effective weight reduction. of course, low calorie diet is also a must along with this.


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