Before it happens close to you, show you care – Steve Aborisade

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Before it happens close to you, show you care - Steve Aborisade

Before it happens close to you, show you care – Steve Aborisade

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Before it happens close to you, show you care – Steve Aborisade

Before it happens close to you, show you care – Steve Aborisade

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Regarding the death of a medical doctor by the name, Dr. Allwell Orji who last sunday jumped into the lagoon after parking his car at the middle of the road, on the 3rd mainland bridge in lagos, committing suicide, media personality and analyst, Steve Aborisade writes.

Tension is high in the land. People are losing the will to fight, understandably so. Our system sheathed what use to hold it for us, long ago. Everyone now seems to be on his/her own. Things are hard. When you look right, left and center, there seems nowhere to turn, at least for a lot of people. We are socialized to behave like ‘men’.

Men don’t cry they say! You bottle it up, presenting a straight face, as if all is well, whereas, within you, you boil. They ask you ‘how are you?’, the unconscious answer is ‘I am fine’. My brothers and sisters, don’t wait until it is too late to seek a shoulder to lean on.

Don’t wait until it is too late to do anything to help either. Cry if the need be, push the tension out. Real men actually cry, it shows you got a soul. And know this, it is not shameful to ask for help, it shows you are real. So don’t be ashamed to ask, and don’t be ashamed when they turn you down. Life goes on. Let’s be our brother’s keeper.

Let’s pay attention to each other, be concerned by the inner pain that is obviously being dealt with by those around you. The signals are in the open. You only need to pay more attention. If someone needs you to help, and you can’t, don’t forget to give such person a reason to hope. Wives, take it easy on him, be realistic with your demands.

Put yourself in his shoes. Same goes for husbands. Make it a duty to make someone smile, daily. Be conscious of it. Don’t forget to say I am sorry. Apologize when you are wrong. Lets sow love and fight hatred. Let us look after each other. Pick your phone, dial that friend you’ve not heard from in a long while. Return that call that you promised to make.

As you are dutiful with your tithes in church, divide it, and help the needy. God will understand. He always does. Overall, love your neighbors as yourself. Let’s make this place a better place for ourselves. Be glad you can safe a life, don’t rejoice in helping bury their dead.

These things go round. Who knows who’s next? Who knows whose turn it is. Be concerned, show concern, and make sure you are responsible to your family by not breaking down when you can actually look up. Let’s through love halt this trend of hopelessness and suicide. Let’s learn to abandon everything and rest. Nothing really will happen if you miss that deadline.

May God heal our land. May God let us see reasons to be there for each other, and may God stand by the families left behind by those who gave it all up. May God forgive you if you could have helped but failed them. May God put it in your mind today to make someone smile. God bless us all.

 Before it happens close to you, show you care - Steve Aborisade

Dare Gbadebo

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