How To Feel Comfortable And Contented

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How To Feel Comfortable And Contented


There is a great beauty when you become content with yourself, when you accept who you are and everything that you already have.

There is nothing wrong with having goals, great and shining goals. Goals like the one to improve your life, double your income, lose weight, write your first novel, run a marathon.

Having goals and being content with yourself are not two contradictory things, even if it may seem so. You can be extremely content with your life, with what you have and who you are, and at the same time strive for a goal.

More often than not, it is not the goal that matters, it is the journey to reach your goal that actually matters.

So, in a nutshell, contentment is not just being content with your life and not trying to change anything.

Contentment is a matter of being content with yourself and at the same time striving to improve, to become a better human being, regardless of how happy and content you are.

Of course, you may have times when going to work isn’t a pleasurable experience, when your life is a mess, when your relationships aren’t going well, when your finances are rather bad, when you have extra weight.

Everyone has had such times. But it is not that these conditions are making you unhappy – it is your choice of thoughts, feelings, attitude, and behavior.

When you are unhappy, you tend to focus on the bad things in your life. This behavior promotes inaction, and even depression. All this spills out to the people around you, making them unhappy too.

When you are happy, you tend to focus on the good things instead. Whereas you might have problems in your job, personal life, finances, or health, there are certainly some good things that are happening right now.

At least you have a job, or you are not sick! At least you have a home, or you are not bankrupt. Identify the good things in your life and you can turn yourself around whenever you have problems.

If you adopt this outlook on life, it can improve everything around you, including your relationships with those close to you. You can choose to be happy.

You can choose to be happy with what you have, rather than being unhappy with the things you have not.

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