On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa – Busola Holloway

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On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa - Busola Holloway

On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa – Busola Holloway

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On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa – Busola Holloway

On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa – Busola Holloway

Reading through the many comments I have seen on social media, in regards to this, they got me thinking.

People are upset that DSTV makes a huge chunk of their revenue from Nigeria, rightfully so. They are upset that DSTV claims we don’t have good professionals to handle the many aspects of such a big production, rightfully so.

What I don’t see people being upset about are the many factors that drive businesses under in Nigeria. I don’t see people writing about how upset they are with the Nigerian government.

It’s like how many people do not like Obama because he did not come to Nigeria but went to Ghana. They are upset that he did not push to fix Nigeria’s problems etc.

You see, while we keep waiting and expecting everyone else to solve our problems, we will Never make any progress.

MNET is a business entity. Please remember that. They are in business to make money for THEIR shareholders, not for the viewers. They will only remain in business and continue to make money IF they can continue to deliver QUALITY programming.

Look at the various satellite providers which have tried to compete with MNET. How are they fairing? I personally have used 3 of them or so. I still have the decoders sitting on my TV table. What’s the name of that last one which came in and seemed to hold some promise? I can’t remember. They simply up and varnished off air one day like that. I’m still waiting for them to come back. I still have their decoder. What’s the name of the other one which runs from that station in alapere? Their programing is so terrible, it’s not worth the least penny I’ve paid on it. I still have their decoder.

Now we have MNET, they are quietly providing their service they are quietly making their money, and we are upset that they are shooting a production where they find it easiest to do so.

At first when I heard about it, I was upset too. I simply thought it was one of those things where they take Nigerian money abroad to do commercials and stuff and make money for the boys, create jobs for their own people…. But it is not!

Let the truth be told. Let us face our demons and kill them and not wait for other people to come do our work for us.
The myriad of problems which face production in Nigeria are too big!

From diva actresses on sets of movies to crew that will not show up at call time for the shoot, to electricity that you can never get, to police that will arrest crews for carrying cameras to shoot, to customs that will charge and arm and a leg fir you to bring simple equipment in, to immigration, to……. Everything!

Everything is off when it comes to production in Nigeria. Do I have experiences ? Oh yes I Do! Tons of experience. I don’t even know we’re to start.

Funny thing about this currently raging argument is that many people who have benefited in the past from Nigerian commercials being shot in South Africa are also shouting blue murder now. The shoe is now pinching them? We made so much noise and fought so many battles and many of us were ostracized by the agencies back then.
Many of the people who are vocal now we’re benefiting in their young days in production by working for and enjoying the privilege of being in the companies that did much work in South Africa. Now they are hurting… I dey laf.

We need to fix plenty in Nigeria. Power is number one. Security. Attitudes, so much!

When I look at this now, I really think DSTV should just build a house in South Africa and permanently shoot all their various country BB shows there. I’m sure many other African countries have the problems we have too.

So my dear people, instead of Pontificating and blowing hot and cold, let us fix our own system here and be able to get NTA or Ministry of information or The Presidency to fix things right so we don’t have to keep looking up to the South Africans and sending our work abroad. God knows we have talent here that can rival any country in the world if only we would put many things right. I have seen many young Nigerians who have shocked me with their knowledge of so many things in production.

Get it right! Fix your own country first and stop belly aching at people who have got it right and fixed their own country.

Busola Holloway
PRESIDENT ITPAN (Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria)

On the issue of MNET producing BBN in South Africa - Busola Holloway

Dare Gbadebo

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