Lapses In Intelligence Gathering And Deep Corruption Is Affecting Nigeria’s Security System – Olawale Ayinla


Prince Olawale S. Ayinla a native of Ijagbo, Oyun local government of Kwara state, is an international bilateral trade and investment developer. He is the Chairman/CEO of Gold Silktech group and Chairman of Estagon Edge Ltd, Nigeria and also the Treasurer of Oodua Progressive Union, Malaysia and Financial Secretary, NIDO, Asia.

In a recent interview about the recurring security issues in Nigeria, the financial expert revealed that it has become a thing of concern to everyone. He furthermore informed that lapses in intelligence gathering and deep corruption in the system is what gave birth to what we have at hand today.

Olawale Ayinla during the interview said he is not surprised by the presence of Fulani herdsmen and their atrocities in the South West today as he saw it coming a while ago. He said he mentioned this to Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams when he(Ayinla) visited Nigeria in 2016 and he(Adams) acknowledged they(OPC) are monitoring the situation.

According to Olawale Ayinla, Fulani invasion did not start in Nigeria and most of the people being called Fulani herdsmen are professional combat soldiers who have been at the frontline from Mali, Niger, Sudan and were driven out by foreign intervention in those countries. He believed they came in through the Northeast and Northwest region of Nigeria. He said of note, majority of them are the ones involved in Boko Haram. He also said, when Nigeria armed forces intensified attacks on them in Borno, they started moving into Bauchi state, then Kano and into Zamfara states. He believes, the unity and efficient collaboration of Northern leaders was what sent them out to the South West today. He added of note, that in the past few years, we did not pay attention to trailers coming into South West loaded with Fulanis and motorcycles. As he said, in the ancient strategy of war, foot soldiers are sent forward ahead, of invasions and their duty is to study the terrain and pilot the main soldiers when they arrive.

Important safety precaution the Security expert think is vital, is the converging of South West leaders on a discourse to counter measure the situation at hand, as he alleged that the South West has been compromised already.

By Dare Gbadebo Editor-in-chief,
Naija Online TV.

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