Medicinal Benefit of Coconut

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Medicinal Benefit of Coconut

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Coconut is one of the richest source of saturated fat known to man they contain a lot of medium chain triglycerides which are fatty acids of a medium length.

Coconut oil when taken into the body goes straight to the liver from the digestive tract which have therapeutic effects in cases of brain disorders like Epilepsy and Alzheimer disease
Consuming coconut is good for the heart because it induces heart disease and maintain the blood pressure.

Through its chemical constituents like lauric acid and monolaurin , when coconut is digested into the body it helps to kill bacteria, fungi and virus.
Coconut oil maintains the cholesterol level of the human body.

Coconut oil improves the texture and health of the skin and hair when rubbed on the body

It is used in treating mouth odour and bad breath.

It improves dental health by providing calcium which is essential for the growth and development of the teeth.
Coconut is useful in treating cases of obesity.

Written by Chukwu Emmanuel

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