Medicinal Benefits Of Carrot

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Medicinal Benefits Of Carrot

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Medicinal Benefits Of Carrot

Carrot (Daucus carota L.) belongs to the Apiaceae family. It is a root vegetable which was used for medical purposes and gradually used as a food.yellow carrot is a colour is due to lutein which plays an important role in prevention of macular degeneration.

The carotene content of the orange and yellow fleshed cultivars increases with growth.carrot have three major combinations of flavonoids are luteolin,kaempferol, quercetin they are also rich in phenols. A bitter coumarin compound is formed when carrots are stored.

Health Benefits Of Carrots

It regulates cholesterol level: carrot seed extract is useful in maintaining cholesterol level carotenoids helps to regulate bile acid and anti-oxidant status.intake of carrot decrease liver cholesterol and triglyceridelevels.
It manages diabetes cases: Vitamin-A

carotenoids might help to manage diabetes.carrot contains more sugar than any vegetable.carotenoids helps to stabilize blood glucose levels as well as regulate stimulation of insulin.

It inhibits fungal growth: carrot oil obtained from aerial parts of wild carrot showed inhibitory actions against the enteropathogen campylobacter jejuni.

Also phenylpropanoids,such as methylisoeugenol and elemicim from carrot oil might be responsible for the anti-microbial against campylobacter coli and campylobacter lari strains.

It is good for the liver: carrot extract help to protect liver from acute injury by the toxic effects of environmental chemicals.

Increased activities of hepatic 5’-nucleotidase,acid phosphatase ,acid ribonuclease and decreased levels succinic dehydrogenase,glucose-6-phosphatase and cytochrome P-450 produced by CC14 were reversed by the carrot extract in a dose responsive way.

It also inhibits peroxidation activity in the liver tissue.

It is used for analgesic purposes.

It has an anti-inflammatory benefit.

It regulates blood pressure.

Luteolin constituent in carrot exert anti-bacterial activity against Bacillus cereus and citrobacter freundii.

Article by Emmanuel Chukwu

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