Medicinal Benefits of Ginger

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Medicinal Benefits of Ginger

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Ginger [zingiber officinale Roscoe] is a member of zingiberaceae family of plants. the rhizome is used for the propagation of ginger and can be obtained in colours varying from white to brown depending on whether the exterior is scraped off and how it is initially treated.

The rhizome can be processed into a powder, syrup and volatile oil. Ginger can be used to manufacture beverages, soft drinks ,and food products such as curry powder, confectionaries. it is also used when preparing soup and stew.

Ginger was used in some parts of Asia and Europe for treating diabetes ,asthma, arthritis, stomach cramps, menstrual complications etc

The chemical components of the ginger rhizome can vary considerably ,depending on the location of cultivation and whether the product is fresh, dried or processed. the pungency of fresh ginger results from a group of phenol.

Fresh ginger may also contain a 5-deoxyderivative of ginger called paradol, while dry ginger produce pungent scents due to shogaols which are dehydrated forms of gingerols resulting from thermal processing.

Ginger also contain 1-3 percent of volatile oil that contributes to its odour the volatile oil has constituents like monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenoids, zingiberene, camphene, borneol, and bisabolene,zingerone.

These constituents are believed and proven to have health benefits to the body.


[1] NAUSEA: Ginger is effective for treating nausea as a symptom resulting from motion sickness, pregnancy,hydrotherapy, chemotherapy, surgical operations etc.

[2] BLOOD PRSSURE CONTROL: ginger powder is used to regulate blood pressure by inhibiting voltage dependent calcium channels as well as stimulating muscarinic receptors.

[3]. REGULATION OF BLOOD GLUCOSE: zingiberone which is a constituent in ginger:when eating a dry ginger helps to maintain blood glucose level.

[4] IT CAN BE USED TO TREAT CANCER: ginger extract when taken into the human body helps to treat skin, lung, coronary and bladder cancer by causing cancer’s cell death and inducing tumour formation.

[5] IT ALLEVIATES STRESS: ginger has anti-oxidant properties {gingerol} that are effective in inducing stress agents.

[6] IT REDUCES MUSCLE OR JOINT PAINS:ginger powder is used in relieving the pain of primary dysmenorrheal caused by complications of menstruation that commonly occur in females, ginger is used in treating rheumatic conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

[7] IT INDUCES MICROBIAL ACTIVITY: ginger extracts can be used to curtail and suppress the growth, development and survival of common infectious bacteria ,fungi and parasite.

[8] It is very effective in alleviating neurological disorders such as Alzheimer disease.

[9] It regulates body temperature.

[10] It improves metabolic rate.

[11] It decreases liver toxicities

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