Meet gifted and multi-talented budding actress, Sarah Okereke

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Sarah Okereke, Darebaba.net,

Meet gifted and multi-talented budding actress, Sarah Okereke

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Meet gifted and multi-talented budding actress, Sarah Okereke

Sarah Okereke


Sarah Okereke is a young, free-spirited individual who loves the lord. She is a budding actress who has passion for all form of entertainment, and has dabbled in presenting, runway modeling, commercial photo-shoot and most especially music videos.

She considers herself a meek soul and a pretty down to earth character who loves to have fun and a good laugh progressively, going with the flow of life.

Sarah Okereke is based in London, England. So she isn’t limiting herself to working just within the Nigerian scene, though its what she’s known for.

She likes a piece of every cake and enjoy dabbling into mainstream entertainment in the UK and Bollywood and so forth.

However, she had been into entertainment professionally four years ago. Sarah Okereke2

Sarah Okereke had only featured in two movies and finds her first movie role in “Return of the Don”, where she had played the character of ” Lucy Reid” as the most challenging.

There was a scene, where her mother died in her arms and on the day of the filming, she was in a very good mood and couldn’t bring herself to tears. She ended up crying on her way home frustrated that she couldn’t cry in the scene.

The “Return of the Don” is Sarah Okereke’s first movie, where she acted and is set to be premiere on June 17th, 2016.

Aside entertaining, Sarah Okereke is a graduate of community development and leadership study obtained at the London Metropolitan University.

She also went on to complete a short course in property investment powered by Tigrent.

Aside acting, Sarah Okereke Okereke also has a passion for modelling and presenting as she represented Nigeria in the 2012 Miss West Africa UK beauty pageant.

Since then she had continued pursuing a career in modelling and had graced many runways for prestigious catwalk shows, which led to her becoming a three times award nominated model.

Most importantly, Sarah Okereke is known for her appearances in music videos in the UK Afrobeat scene with many prominent Nigerian artistes.
Sarah Okereke cites her soul as her most prized possession, which she says lives on even after death.

Her favorite Nigerian entertainers are, Toke Makinwa and Adenrele Edun. She says Makinwa is the complete package, while Edun is an incredibly infectious personality, definitely born to entertain.

Another aspect of Sarah Okereke, is her presenting job, which she says she delved into, after been offered an opportunity to join a course in TV presenting, while at a model casting.

She successfully passed the presentation course, though she initially didn’t want to work with it, but however, opportunities came knocking, which she took advantage of.

Sarah Okereke is now presently a red carpet host covering Afro-Caribbean events however she has more coverage of Nigerian events as she hosts red carpet mainly for Nollywood movie premieres which is predominantly accommodated by the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Sarah Okereke1 However, she is seeking to expand to a more international audience to broaden her working experience.

To Sarah Okereke, her favorite foreign entertainers are Amy Winehouse and Keke Palmer as she is said to relate to them both.

Sarah Okereke, identifies low quality film produced at fast rates as the main challenge affecting Nollywood, as she says she understand it is due to low budget, however she advice film makers to seek investors since Nollywood is sparking a global interest presently.

She wants film makers to take time in planning films and training for cast and crew as she note that this will ensure they execute the best quality work.

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Dare Gbadebo

Author: Dare Gbadebo is the publisher with the trademark darebaba.net is a versatile writer who had his media training based on photography at PEFTI film institute and has written for many top media houses in Nigeria. Stay tuned for your favorite celebrity news political updates and paparazzi.


Sarah Okereke, Darebaba.net,

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