Meet Iyanya’s ‘Type of Woman’

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Iyanya, Type of Woman, Check_Republic

Meet Iyanya’s ‘Type of Woman’

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Meet Iyanya’s ‘Type of Woman’

Iyanya, Type of Woman, Check_Republic

Meet Iyanya, ‘Type of Woman’

Whether she’s a Kukere expert, or she be gift, or simply a sexy Mama, Mr Oreo, Triple MG frontline artiste, does know for sure what he wants in a woman and exactly his ‘Type of Woman’.

Watch Iyanya pour his heart out on what his woman would ideally be like. Of course, it could be for the showbiz but then it could also be what he actually thinks of, in his woman.

Mr Sexy, has been consistent since Kukere, has been consistent in wow’ing his fans and even converting the resisting ones to loving him. In this video, he shines in his lovely Jacket – One comment on the youtube video page says – ‘see screenshot’ below

Iyanya, Type of Woman, Check_Republic

After laying low for a while, Iyanya glides into our hearts with his first official video of 2016. The video titled “Type Of Woman” brings out the R&B side of Iyanya we don’t get to see all the time, the lovey-dovey side.
The video shot by Megaboi is just a helluva way to kickstart the second quarter of this year and Iyanya just raised the bar a notch higher.
Watch the video below

Iyanya | Type of Woman

Do you like this new style? A few mumbles on social media is that Iyanya’s lovey-dovey style in this video is hard to adjust to after hit commercial tracks. It’s definitely not Kukere or his usual 2014/2015 style but for those who know and appreciate good music, it’s definitely a lovely one from the Project Fame winner.

Share, like and feel free to comment your opinions, as this video might just make it to Naija Top 10 Music Videos which kicks off today.

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