Meet TAMPAN Man Of The Year, Tope Agbeyo

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Meet TAMPAN Man Of The Year, Tope Agbeyo

Meet TAMPAN Man Of The Year, Tope Agbeyo


Meet TAMPAN Man Of The Year, Tope Agbeyo

Meet TAMPAN Man Of The Year, Tope Agbeyo

Babatope M. Agbeyo is the Chairman, Cornfield Group (Media Concepts International, Botosoft Technologies Limited, Cornfield Transnational Limited).

Tope M. Agbeyo sits as group chairman of Cornfield Group (Media Concepts International Limited, Cornfield Transnational Limited, Botosoft Technologies Limited, FOAM Studio Nigeria Limited) a Conglomerate of very successful businesses in Nigeria and abroad. He is a Master Degree Holder in Media and Communications from Birmingham University, Birmingham, United Kingdom. A proven innovator with in-depth thinking capability for strategic performances. Tope Agbeyo has continually surpassed expectations with leadership, vision, commitment, thoroughness, awareness and integrity.

Tope Agbeyo formed Media Concept International Limited in 2005. Through his sole leadership and guidance, the company delivered tailored and strategic enterprise solution tagged; Examinations Ethics on video compact disc (VCD), a solution which ensures that candidates are well educated and well informed about the rules and regulations of the examination body before they sit for the exam to major examinations bodies in the West African Region serving a combined total of over 3.5 million service users every year. Some of the reputable organizations that have benefitted from the solutions include; The West African Examination Council (WAEC), The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB), The National Examination Council (NECO). The bespoke solutions have restored user and observer confidence in the examination body(ies), created an improved social profile and greatly increased service user experience. It significantly addressed data warehousing challenges, mass information dissemination, examination malpractices, user experience and process delivery.

Through Tope Agbeyo’s leadership, Media Concepts International Limited developed a complete enterprise solution for a National Police Force positioned to cater for over 150 million users. A thoroughly thought of and carefully considered complex yet made the easy solution and most importantly, a product of Tope Agbeyo’s ability to build and develop solutions that address socioeconomic problems. The solution first initiated with and approved by the Nigeria Police and the Presidency in 2011 draws on the expertise of carefully selected partners from across the world (Europe, America and Asia). A complete security system with biometric and bio-data collection, real-time verification, authentication and reporting through physical terminals and over secure web applications and handheld devices. This is truly one of a kind solution in the world and acclaimed as a timely solution to address national security challenges.

Tope Agbeyo formed Cornfield Transnational limited in 2006 solely as a manufacturing company. An innovative company that design, develop and manufacture groundbreaking products targeted at addressing specific Government, Organisation and Cultural needs.
The Kapek® products are flagship products of the company. KAPEK® Multipurpose Mathematical Instruments and KAPEK® Set Top Box Decoder.

The quest and passion of Tope Agbeyo helped him in building an Information Technology firm, Botosoft Technologies Limited which gave him an edge in the industry by developing a unique examination management solution called Candidate Identity Verification, Attendance, Malpractice and Post Examinations Management Systems – CIVAMPEMS.

Tope Agbeyo’s apt and ingenuity has won him many awards and recognition locally and internationally in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and also the USA. His network of partners and influence spans across many countries including the USA, UK, Germany, South Korea, China and many other African countries.

Tope Agbeyo’s greatest assets are to spot opportunities where no other person is looking. He possesses the capabilities to discover and to create wealth where other business leaders have given up or have fallen short. Often called a genius, Tope has the tenacity to address and confront difficult challenges, constantly displaying wit and resolve to address the situation. A proven leader and motivator, Tope Agbeyo is known to possess distinct leadership skills, leading from the front, motivating his team of seasoned professionals to deliver complex solutions timely and professionally.

Tope Agbeyo recent foray into business is exploiting the hospitality industry in West Africa. His methodology is already attracting recognition internationally. Tope Agbeyo’s brand is unique. His track record is outstanding. His accomplishments are admirable, his team is formidable and his attitude is winnable. A seasoned business leader, professional and investor.

In addition to the aforementioned Mr Tope Agbeyo’s unflinching support for the arts is immeasurable both home and abroad. Thus in him and his love for the arts and art practitioners, TAMPAN found in him an unshakeable pillar of arts.

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