Meet the Sensational Fashion Diva, Bleeh_Secret

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Meet the Sensational Fashion Diva, Bleeh_Secret

Meet the Sensational Fashion Diva, Bleeh_Secret

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Meet the Sensational Fashion Diva, Bleeh_Secret

A designers dream and Journey:

“It has been the greatest and best decision I have taken so far” ; These were the words of Christopher Blessing, a rising star in the fashion industry, a fashion designer from the southern part of Nigeria, being Edo state but resides in Lagos state.

According to her, it’s a thing of discovery as she had discovered her passion for fashion and design.

It being a passion makes it easy for her to develop crafty ideas she uses in working. The idea means she uses her intuition through creativity to bring out something “unique” by sketching out styles formed as images in her head and then “performs clothing magic with her magical scissors”. Of course, one is allowed to fuse humour and intuition.

Inspirations are desires gotten through various means to achieve your dreams , this being a fact in this context because blessing gets her inspiration from Toyin Lawani, she emulates her saying “she looks up to her in the fashion industry, she is not just good but a fashion wizard and she takes fashion to another level”

Furthermore, blessing says building a career in the fashion industry entails keeping steps with skills gained while moving, not minding the obstacles.

The best way to be good in the fashion industry is for one to be creative, be a great thinker and have passion for what you do.

Talking about social media enhancing her designs, she says it’s a yes, it differs for her though because she recreated what she sees from professionals, inculcating it into her own design and putting her brand out there.

When asked about her target population, she says she prefers the youth because they feel more entitled to her designs, this being because her style is dynamic and versatile. Not really suitable for the old or children.

In conclusion, blessing says she is happy being a fashion designer, with the hope that her aspirations in going in for a reality TV show, hopefully; BBN Nigeria, sky rockets her to the apex in the fashion industry.

You can see more pictures on her brand page – https://www.instagram.com/bleeh_secret/

Interview by Melvin Illah

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