Meet the versatile female talking drummer, Irawo

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Meet the versatile female talking drummer, Irawo

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Meet the versatile female talking drummer, Irawo

Meet the versatile female talking drummer, Irawo

Her name is Oluwakemi Bamidele Famugbode popularly known as Irawo.

Initially, she just wanted to use Olukemi as her stage name, but the editor of her final performance film at the Pencils Film and Television Institute (PEFTI), the music school, where she had trained as a musician on scholarship, thought it was too boring, to be used as a stage name, because of the talking drums that she play.

He thought she needed a more exciting name. She took some time to pray about it and eventually, came up with Irawo, she revealed during a recent interview with NaijaOnlineTV.

Irawo, likened her drums to the stars that led, the three wise men to Jesus Christ, because anytime she is performing or rehearsing, people gather round to watch her, as an amazing female.

She also added the prefix, DJ, for easier location, via the internet and also because she is a professional disc jockey.

Irawo, is the the creative lead, at Drumline Entertainment. She is a drummer, songwriter, singer, music arranger, live DJ, music business blogger, music publisher, record label owner and a writer too.

She studied professional accounting and music. Irawo, recently recorded a new song, titled “Ule Ya”, which is a song written, to eulogise her hometown, Ilesha and the people of the community.

Her major genre of songs are jazz, soul and electro house music, she is currently working on her debut album, an 18 track, titled ” Freedom “.

Irawo had definitely being performing on stage, since her nursery school days and started drumming from the age of 10.

Professionally, she has been performing music since the year 2005.

To Irawo, the Nigerian music industry is still at it’s crawling stage. Meet the versatile female talking drummer, Irawo

She thinks it might seem as though we are there, because our “A” list artistes are getting endorsements, here and there, but she still feel that is a mirage.

However, her favourite Nigerian artistes are Asa, 2Face, Beautiful Nubia, Sir Shina Peters, TY Bello, King Sunny Ade, Alh. Kollington Ayinla and Adewale Ayuba.

Irawo, is hoping to collaborate with Sir Shina Peters, Adewale Ayuba to mention a few.

As a young girl, Irawo used to practice deejaying on her father’s turntable and tape recorder.

Fortunately, the opportunity to deejay came, when she was selected as the only female DJ along with five other Nigerian DJ/Producers, to officially introduce electronic music into Nigeria in 2015.

Along with others, Irawo was mentored by an electronic music DJ from Paris, with an electronic music producer from Germany.

The team toured parts of Lagos and Abuja respectively in live DJ electronic soundscape concerts.

Irawo informed, that being a DJ, was what she had always wanted to be, even before she knew, she could do music.

Irawo, is pretty much at home, with deejaying, because it has to do with beats and rhythm matching, looping e.t.c.

Which is also do as a drummer.

What Irawo does, is practically called “Live DJ”, because she mixes her beats on the spot and also play, the talking drum on some prerecorded beats.

Like every young talking drummer, Irawo, started out drumming on tables, wardrobes and cupboards.

Then, she graduated to playing the conga drums and then the snare drum of a drum line, in the marching band of the Boys Brigade of Nigeria, where she was a warrant officer.

Afterwards, she moved to playing the drum set and later studied drums at a music school.
Irawo, plays the talking drum, because she wants to promote the local drum beyond the shores of Nigeria.

Using it in an exceptional way like never before.

That was how the talking drum, became her jazz musical instrument.

Irawo will like to be known, for playing jazz music, with the talking drum, she wants to be known as a prolific, versatile and creative DJ.

She also wants to be seen as one, who has helped in promoting the Nigerian music industry, through her ideas.

To her fans, she say, remember that 20 years from now, you will be disappointed in what you did not do, than what you did.

Explore, dream and discover that positive talent in you, that you know how to do best and follow your passion, follow your dream.

She added this, if you are in a 9 to 5 job, be the best staff in that company. Be all you can be and improve on yourself always.

She is of the opinion saying, if we all get an education, our industry will be more respected.


DJ Irawo online

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djirawol/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djirawo/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/irawodrums

Website: http://djirawo.blogspot.co.uk/

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Dare Gbadebo

Author: Dare Gbadebo is the publisher with the trademark darebaba.net is a versatile writer who had his media training based on photography at PEFTI film institute and has written for many top media houses in Nigeria. Stay tuned for your favorite celebrity news political updates and paparazzi. Darebaba on social media Facebook | Instagram | Google+


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