Michael Dappa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Michael Dappa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Michael Dappa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

As part of our support for the modelling industry as well as partnership with the Organizers of the prestigious pageant, we at Naija Online TV continue to bring you a close up on the finalists, getting you a little closer to knowing them, their aspirations and a tiny wee bit of background. Do leave us a comment of who you think is likely to be King and Queen come October 2nd.

The award-winning brand in the business of pageantry, beauty packaging and commercial branding, “Mr.& Miss Nigeria International”, wishes to thank the overall population and every corporate association who had collaborated with them in the current year’s edition, (BEAUTY and BRAIN EDITION). As such, the last couple of months have been an enabling and enriching journey by all organizers. The coordinator Brendance and Crusaders Limited which is an agency in charge of guaranteeing brand promotion, beauty and glamour packaging, event management and showcasing of style in the media world hereby reports her fifth (5th) edition of the MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT SEASON 5.

“Nonetheless, we trust that with incredible might, comes a greater responsibility, consequently our resolve to deliver a greater stage for showcasing our vision and Restoring Poise and Class in the current year’s beauty pageant event”.  According to their press release.

Michael is a finalist in this year’s competition and would be going to camp for the next level of the competition.

Michael fondly called Sodi is from River’s State, a 200 level student of political science at the University of Ilorin. Michael is also a model.

Chatting with TeamNOTV recently, on his qualification for the next stage of the competition, he had this to say:

TeamNOTV: So why modelling, especially why are you in this pageant.

Michael Dappa: Well, trust me when I say modeling was never in my agenda. I used to be a very skinny person, lol. So I always thought modelling was for buff sexy people.

I never saw myself as that before. Then I hit the gym just for bants you know, I got buff and sexy. Michael Dappa, Finalists, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

TeamNOTV: Lol

Michael Dappa: Then my friends said I should start modelling couple of agencies in Ilorin called me to model for them.

So I did give it a shot.

TeamNOTV: That’s cool

Michael Dappa: I Had a couple runway shows. And I started loving modelling which I then developed a passion for.

And me joining this pageantry is just a step I decided taken to expand my horizon.

TeamNOTV: And how have you found it? Modelling I mean.

Michael Dappa: Modelling has been challenging I’d say, and fun cause I had to Learn new stuff like cat walking. Standing up straight on the runway and all that.

Walking in front of a lot of people.

Hoping not to look stupid while doing your catwalk but I learned fast.

TeamNOTV: Lol

Michael Dappa: The fun part for me is making money from it.

TeamNOTV: Sure.

Michael Dappa: Cause I had never really worked for money before so it was new and built a sense of responsibility for me.

TeamNOTV: So tell me, what’s been the impact of education in the course of modelling for you.

Michael Dappa: Firstly education and modelling for me starting were two things that didn’t go together. Especially being in a school like University of Ilorin.

Having rehearsals for a show when having classes and all that.

But I found a way to make the two work together for me, and education yielded positively for my modeling career.

Lol, atleast I know not to sign a contract before reading it.

TeamNOTV: Lol.

Michael Dappa: I made that mistake once. Truth be told.

TeamNOTV: Share how please.

Michael Dappa: Well it was the first agency I was being called to.

(Name withheld) I was extra excited to start something new you know?

So I got the contract, without reading it..consulting anyone.

I signed it there and then.

Later on I found out that the agency was the most un-serious one ever. We soon stopped having meetings. No rehearsals. No shoots. Well we never had a shoot. No shows, nothing.

And I signed a two year contract with them. I gave a month’s notice to discontinue my contract agreement.

TeamNOTV: Oh dear

Michael Dappa: The CEO didn’t want me gone. He said I had signed it already and nothing I could do. So I (on a low key) got in a new agency that helped me deal with it. And ended my former contract.

TeamNOTV: Wow!

Michael Dappa: To new models or anybody at all. Never sign a paper before reading it.

TeamNOTV: Glad you got out of it.

Michael Dappa: Same here.

TeamNOTV: So want to share your experience so far in this competition.

Michael Dappa: For me it’s been very very challenging probably cause it’s my first. But I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve had to get new attires and all that.

I just got my camp requirements you know ..it’s a lotta stuff to buy.

Which costs money

TeamNOTV: I know right?

Michael Dappa: But I’m really happy I’ve got the most supportive parents.

They’ve made it easier for me. I just got my tickets. Michael Dappa: It’s a lot of tickets Fam. I’d have to travel and travel around to sell em.

But I’d break through I’m sure.

TeamNOTV: Ohh dear. Is this your first pageant?

Michael Dappa: Yes it is my first, definitely not my last.

TeamNOTV: Guess you enjoying it all then.

Michael Dappa: Yes I am enjoying everything it’s bringing. I guess I always had a knack for modeling. I can’t wait to be off to camp.

TeamNOTV: So what’s your expectation of camp?

And have you had any tips or infos on what it would be like?

Michael Dappa: I’m very open about it.

TeamNOTV: And what is expected of you.

Michael Dappa: I’m expecting anything.

TeamNOTV: Challenges?

Michael Dappa: So nothing hits me by surprise use.

But I’m sure whatever challenges that comes with it ..I would take on it head on.

TeamNOTV: Even physical challenges? Games?

Michael Dappa: Lol. I’m a very athletic person. Always been. I dabble in almost any sports I can participate in. But I love to play basketball. And table tennis. I play a lil football.

TeamNOTV: What are your weakness.

Michael Dappa: And recently I decided to learn to swim and it’s going well.

TeamNOTV: Cool.

Michael Dappa: You mean on the field or personally?

TeamNOTV: Both.

Michael Dappa: Okay well on the field I tend to be a one man person specially when my teams losing.

Michael Dappa: It literally pisses me off. That’s a weakness for me that I’m working on. I strive to be a sportsman at most all the time.

TeamNOTV: Lol.

Michael Dappa: I mean a sportsman is a good man.

TeamNOTV: Defo.

Michael Dappa: But it doesn’t mean I like to lose.

TeamNOTV: What will be your legacy if you are crowned?

Michael Dappa: Well for me, Legacy isn’t just about leaving behind what I’ve earned but also what I’ve learned.

I want to be remembered as a person who not only conquered but thought others how to be conquerors.

In which ever way they want to be. Like my mum always tells me I’m a man of the people …I care a lot about how other people feel.

What they go through. I just want to be remembered, it might not be by a multitude but I want to be remembered by someone as that man that changed my life.

TeamNOTV: What’s your philosophy of life?

Michael Dappa: Live life as it comes. Do what makes you happy. Love today as it is and let tomorrow worry about itself. Be the change you want to see.

Michael Dappa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Michael Dappa on social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michael.dappa.96

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/im_notlightskinned/

Winner of the Queen and King of Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 will go on to compete in the Mr and Miss Nigeria International world scheduled to take place in 2017.

This year’s event will hold on Sunday, October 2nd

Venue: Ruby Garden, by the 4th roundabout, Lekki expressway Lagos.

For further Info, Ticket Reservations, Partnership or Sponsorship: 07062930650, 07084546231

Tickets now accessible, please contact: 08033460308, 08055455634

REGULAR: #5,000

VIP: #15,000

TABLE FOR 8: #500,000

Email: info@mrandmissnigeriainternational.org brendancrusader@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org

Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant on Social Media

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Michael Dappa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016 Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016 As part of our support for the modelling industry as well as partnership with the Organizers of the prestigious pageant, we at Naija Online TV continue to bring you a close