Moses Adeyefa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Moses Adeyefa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Moses Adeyefa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Moses Adeyefa, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Moses Adefeya, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

As part of our support for the modelling industry as well as partnership with the Organizers of the prestigious pageant, we at Naija Online TV continue to bring you a close up on the finalists, getting you a little closer to knowing them, their aspirations and a tiny wee bit of background. Do leave us a comment of who you think is likely to be King and Queen come October 2nd.

The award-winning brand in the business of pageantry, beauty packaging and commercial branding, “Mr.& Miss Nigeria International”, wishes to thank the overall population and every corporate association who had collaborated with them in the current year’s edition, (BEAUTY and BRAIN EDITION). As such, the last couple of months have been an enabling and enriching journey by all organizers. The coordinator Brendance and Crusaders Limited which is an agency in charge of guaranteeing brand promotion, beauty and glamour packaging, event management and showcasing of style in the media world hereby reports her fifth (5th) edition of the MR AND MISS NIGERIA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY PAGEANT SEASON 5.

“Nonetheless, we trust that with incredible might, comes a greater responsibility, consequently our resolve to deliver a greater stage for showcasing our vision and Restoring Poise and Class in the current year’s beauty pageant event”.  According to their press release.

Moses Adeyefa is a finalist in this year’s competition and would be going to camp for the next level of the competition.

TeamNOTV caught up with Moses recently on his making the list of Finalist for the next stage of the highly coveted 5th edition of the competition.

TeamNOTV: Let’s start with an introduction.

Moses Adeyefa: Adeyefa Moses Pelumi. Fondly called Slimpee. From Ekiti state.

I live in Lagos. I am a Student and a model.

TeamNOTV: What do you study, what level, what Uni?

Moses Adeyefa: Am studying Civil Engineering at Kwara state polytechnic. Am through with my national diploma. Am doing my I.T.

TeamNOTV: So why modelling, especially why are you in this pageant?

Moses Adeyefa: Have always admired to be a model since I was in younger schools. But my parents wanted their son to be an engineer.

TeamNOTV: Like every parent, lol.

Moses Adeyefa: To cut the story short, I started following friends that are models, going for auditions, etc. And with the help of God, my parents accepted. Everything then became easier from then on.

TeamNOTV: Ok. So tell me, what’s been the impact of modelling on your education.

Moses Adeyefa: It has been a great impact. Adeyefa Moses, Finalists, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

TeamNOTV: Care to share more on that?

Moses Adeyefa: Especially in my moral life.

TeamNOTV: Am listening.

Moses Adeyefa: And it has also helped in facing challenges even in school.

TeamNOTV: So do you think you can win this competition?

Moses Adeyefa: Am not thinking, I will win! Because the crown is mine. So am coming for my birth right.

TeamNOTV: Cool and who would you count as competition for you? From the other guys you competing with, who would you think would make it harder for you to win.

Moses Adeyefa: Nobody we are the same. We are all kings so I see no one differently.

TeamNOTV: So what was the plan with civil engineering before? Like if you didn’t go into modelling, what would you have gone on to achieve?

Moses Adeyefa: Engineer.

TeamNOTV: What’s your biggest fear?

Moses Adeyefa: My biggest fear is not making heaven. Kingdom of God.

TeamNOTV: So if you are crowned, what legacy would you be charging.

Moses Adeyefa: Charity. People are out there suffering. And to be honest, humble.

TeamNOTV: So exactly how do you plan on doing charity? Just giving money away?

Moses Adeyefa: No. A charity home is going to built. Where we accommodate youths not only orphans and we help them and guide with their career.

TeamNOTV: Who do you want to be crowned with from the ladies?

Moses Adeyefa: If am to pick or say I guess I would choose Miss Oyo. That is Miss Amoo Zainab.

TeamNOTV: Why her?

Moses Adeyefa: When we chatted, she was humble. That’s all.

Moses Adefeya, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Moses Adeyefa on social media



Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdeyefaMoses

Winner of the Queen and King of Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 will go on to compete in the Mr and Miss Nigeria International world scheduled to take place in 2017.

This year’s event will hold on Sunday, October 2nd

Venue: Ruby Garden, by the 4th roundabout, Lekki expressway Lagos.

For further Info, Ticket Reservations, Partnership or Sponsorship: 07062930650, 07084546231

Tickets now accessible, please contact: 08033460308, 08055455634

REGULAR: #5,000

VIP: #15,000

TABLE FOR 8: #500,000

Email: info@mrandmissnigeriainternational.org brendancrusader@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org

Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrandMissNigeriaInternational/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_MissNigIntl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrandmissnigintl/

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org/

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