My Man Of The Year 2018 By Emeka Oparah

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My Man Of The Year 2018 By Emeka Oparah

My Man Of The Year 2018 By Emeka Oparah


My Man of The Year 2018

By Emeka Oparah

It was a no-contest. We’ve not had many like him before. We don’t have many like him now. I doubt we would have many like him in the future. And that’s how the story of rare breeds go, they are typically RARE.

And so, Abba Kyari, the youngest serving Deputy Commissioner of Police is truly a RARE BREED and can be fittingly described as one of the positive stories out of Nigeria, and straight out of a Police Force that’s not highly respected and, at best, suspected. Looking around NIGERIA today, DCP Kyari is one man whose work has touched the lives of people from all parts of NIGERIA and given us hope that things are not totally bad.

Abba seems to have a magic wand with which he catches criminals. I need not here recite the endless list of valiant efforts he has made in keeping the country safe. Robbers, Kidnappers and even Terrorist know him by name and reputation and spend part of their deleterious careers praying not to encounter him. He has redefined patriotism and diligence and brought a breathe of fresh air to the traditional putrefaction the police is associated with.

So many are his exploits they are too numerous to mention. So widespread are his tentacles the immediate past IGP set up a Unit specifically for him to ply his trades-crime-fighting and crime-bursting. Perhaps, his protégés will disprove my earlier doubt that we won’t have many like him in future because together they are doing a wonderful job worthy of commendation. Of late, he’s embarked on a mission to expand the oasis by training officers who will replicate his effort. I pray he succeeds. Yet, he remains the Jack Bauer of Nigeria.

Very unassuming, soft-spoken and with a mien that belies the steel and grit he deploys in his work, Abba is a true pride of Nigeria. His rapid promotion should be a tip of the iceberg in saner climes and I hope and pray ours is getting saner. NIGERIA needs him. Africa needs him. The world needs him. May God protect him.

Ladies and gentlemen, I here present to you, this 42-year-old graduate of Geography from Nigeria, Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, as my MAN OF THE YEAR 2018.


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