Nigerian Security forces failed us – Relatives of Vice Principal and 5 others killed in Ondo Bank Robbery

Nigerian Security forces failed us - Relatives of Vice Principal and 5 others killed in Ondo Bank Robbery

Nigerian Security forces failed us – Relatives of Vice Principal and 5 others killed in Ondo Bank Robbery

Relatives of the Vice-Principal, Ido Ani Grammar School in the Ose Local Government Area of Ondo State, Mr David Oluloro, killed alongside five others by robbers who attacked a bank in the area, talk about the deceased with PunchNG

Armed robbers recently attacked a bank in the town and killed some persons. What is your reaction to the incident as a monarch (the Alani of Ido-Ani) who is also a retired major general?

It was a sad and unfortunate incident for the only bank we have in the Ose Local Government Area of the state to be attacked by armed robbers, killing six young persons. It is so unfortunate.

Where were you on that day?

I was at home.

It was said that the bank’s location in the town exposes it to attack. Do you see it that way?

Yes, I do. And that was why a year ago, I went with some Obas in the local government to meet the brigade commander of the Nigerian Army in Akure.

We told him then that there was a possibility of what happened last week to happen. Based on my experience, I told them that we should build security around the bank but nothing was done.

We learnt that security agents came during the attack. Were they overpowered for the bandits to have carted away money and killed six persons?

Honestly, I will commend the security men for rushing to the place that day. We felt their presence as they chased the bandits and arrested one of them. But if they had been around, I mean if they were always around the bank, the losses wouldn’t have been that much. Look at the six young men killed just like that. We are not happy about it.

What do you think may be the implication of the incident on the community?

It means the bank will not open until the necessary repairs are carried out and who knows when such repairs will be done considering the extent of damage. Also, it means that there will be no banking facility in the local government.

Anybody in the area who wants to transact any financial business in the bank will have to go to Owo. It is over 20 kilometers from Ido Ani. You know what that means in terms of security to my people. The loss will be much financially and in terms of human resources.

Do you think with the development the bank will want to reopen the branch for operation?

That is why we are pleading with the government to help to carry out the repairs. If the government can help us repair the damage, that will speed up things. Then, we can, in clear conscience, speak with the authorities of the bank to reopen the branch.

If the case is properly handled, there is no way we will have another robbery in the town. Some of us want to open a bank in the town but the Central Bank of Nigeria said it needed N200m. How many people can afford that in our community? This is a very sad situation.

I need help for my business and kids’ education — Wife, Jumoke Oluloro

When did you marry?

We married in 1999; 20 years ago.

Where were you when the incident happened?


I was at home when I heard a noise and rushed out. Somebody then asked if my husband had returned from work and I said no. It was there that I was informed about his death.

How would you describe him?

Since we got married in 1999, he never fought and was a devout Christian. He was a responsible family man and diligent. He always woke up early to go to school. We are blessed with five children. I will miss him dearly and no one can fill the vacuum his death created. He was caring to me and the children.

What was your last encounter with your husband?

In the morning of that day, he woke up and prepared for school as he normally did. He went to school until the afternoon when we heard about his death.

How has the family been coping since his death?

This is why I appeal to the government and well-meaning Nigerians to help me with my business in order to take good care of my five children, especially their education. The burden will be too much on me. Also, I want the government to fish out his killers and bring them to justice.

What do you do for a living?

I am a businesswoman. I buy and sell.

A visitor told me my brother was shot dead at ATM point – Sister
How are you related to the deceased?

I am Mrs Grace Omogbeja, a sister to the deceased. He was my younger brother.

Where do you live?

I live in Ido Ani while he and his family lived in Idogun (a kilometer from Ido Ani).

How do you feel about his death?

I was devastated. Till now, I am still in shock.

Where were you when the incident occurred?

I was at home when we heard gunshots and people started running for safety. We were told that armed robbers attacked the bank. I didn’t know that my brother was at the bank at the time. It was around 3pm that we heard that people were killed.

How did you hear that your brother was among the victims of the robbery?

After the robbery, we heard that one of the bank workers living in our house was killed in the attack. We were discussing that when someone came in and said it was my brother that was killed at the bank’s ATM point. That was how I got to know about his death.

When last did you see him?

It had been quite a while but we usually talked on the phone.

How would you describe him?

He was a gentleman and a devout Christian

How can recurrence of the incident be prevented?

We want the government to provide more security for us. We also want the relevant authorities to arrest perpetrators of the act.

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