Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Vivian is a hardworking, honest and outspoken beauty in nature, from Abia state and she believes the best 5 places in Abia includes; Umuahia the state capital, War Museum in Umuahia, Azu mmiri blue river in Opopo, Umuchukwu cave in Arochukwu, Ogba in Eziamanato (Ogba is a river situated in Eziamanato village).

For Vivian, fashion sense means a sense of style put together to look good and different.

In an interview with Team Naija Online TV on her qualification for the next stage in Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 edition, she reveals…

Team NOTV: So what would your dressing look like on a slightly rainy day where you have an event to attend. Walk us through head to toe.

Vivian: First I will be careful with the material I will wear, a cool classy gown with a trench coat will go, then a pleather shoe with an umbrella.

I think this is best for me on a rainy day..

Team NOTV: So Pants or dress? Which do you prefer anytime?

Vivian: Dress

Team NOTV: Who is your celebrity boyfriend

Vivian: Tu baba (2face idibia )

Team NOTV: Hehehe, Issokay.

So what music or movie best describes your life or person. Obinwune Vivian, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Vivian: Jane by design

Team NOTV: What would you consider your strengths in modelling/pageantry?

Vivian: Runway fashion is my strength

Team NOTV: And your flaws…

Vivian: And emotions would be my flaws.

Team NOTV: describe the person or characters you find annoying the most and why?

Vivian: I hate it when I love my friends and they don’t love me back and I don’t like betrayal because I easily confide in people.

Team NOTV: Why do you think you can win this competition and what do you intend to do to make a difference when you win?

Vivian: I think am going to make a great queen, the reason is because I understand this title as a great task and responsibility, part of this task is to actively and creatively promote this pageant.

Then back to what I intend to do when I win…

I am looking at one aspect of life in Nigeria a lot of people ignore. Since I am taking the figure of a Queen, women will not be left out.

Women after child bearing age in remote places are often ignored.

Menopause sets in and place them on a sick bay, some even die as a result of the lack of care during child birth.

I want to fight for this and make sure Nigerian women live longer after child birth.

Team NOTV: Lastly, so do you think pageants in Nigeria are bias or accurate?

Vivian: It is a 50/50 thing I have seen pageants that are bias and pageants that are very accurate
Team NOTV: and one bias pageant would be?

Vivian: I was at the last Miss UNILAG and it was a biased one.

Team NOTV: Were you a contestant?

Vivian: No i wasn’t, My friend was.

Team NOTV: Ok, But is this your first?

Vivian: Yes, But I watch others on tv

Obinwune Vivian and the rest of the finalists were selected after 2 weeks of Intensive online voting.

Obinwune Vivian, Finalists, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Obinwune Vivian on social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viv_sylvia obinwune

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vivibigger/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/obinwunev

Winner of the Queen and King of Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 will go on to compete in the Mr and Miss Nigeria International world scheduled to take place in 2017.

This year’s event will hold on Sunday, October 2nd

Venue: Ruby Garden, by the 4th roundabout, Lekki expressway Lagos.

For further Info, Ticket Reservations, Partnership or Sponsorship: 07062930650, 07084546231

Email: info@mrandmissnigeriainternational.org brendancrusader@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org

Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrandMissNigeriaInternational/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_MissNigIntl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrandmissnigintl/

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org/

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