Okwajebi John, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Okwajebi John, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

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Okwajebi John, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Finalists, up close, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

Okwajebi John

Okwa John is from Benue state, he lives in Abuja and a student of university of Ilorin.

He says, “I just finished my final exams and will awarded my Bsc anatomy by October.”

I think pageants in Nigeria are very cool, they enable young Nigerians to show how elegant, smart and poise we can be.

And also enable Nigerians to expand their social horizon.

I have been in a pageant before, it was organised by the basic medical science student association of university of Ilorin.

And it was fun filled and I got to make new friends.

That was how I got to being in Mr And Miss Nigeria international 2016.

Because it inspired me to go higher. To go for something bigger.

Ideally, I think I need the support of my family and friends.

I believe that with their support I can win.

Team NaijaOnlinetv: Ok. That would be for you to enter the top 10. If you do get in, you going need more than that.

You’re right.

I’ll need to be very prepared also.

My hobbies are Playing football, Drawing, Swimming, Playing video games.

My greatest assets would be my build which is something people mostly notice about me when they meet or see me.

I am 6.0ft tall

If I am in any competition and need to win by doing something extra-ordinary, from:

– Eat insects/bugs with eyes covered

– Run across a pool of snakes

Soar sky-high along a zip line above a dam wall, channel your innermost superhero.

I won’t do any of them, as no win is worth risking my life over.

Okwa John and the rest of the finalists were selected after 2 weeks of Intensive online voting.

Okwajebi John, Finalists, Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant 2016

I can be reached online, on the following social media networks:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/okwajebi.john

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/okwajohn/

Winner of the Queen and King of Mr and Miss Nigeria International 2016 will go on to compete in the Mr and Miss Nigeria International world scheduled to take place in 2017.

This year’s event will hold on Sunday, October 2nd

Venue: Ruby Garden, by the 4th roundabout, Lekki expressway Lagos.

For further Info, Ticket Reservations, Partnership or Sponsorship: 07062930650, 07084546231

Email: info@mrandmissnigeriainternational.org brendancrusader@gmail.com

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org

Mr And Miss Nigeria International Pageant on Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrandMissNigeriaInternational/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mr_MissNigIntl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrandmissnigintl/

Website: http://www.mrandmissnigeriainternational.org/

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