Orange Planting Medicinal Benefits in Nigeria

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Orange Planting Medicinal Benefits in Nigeria

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Orange Planting Medicinal Benefits in Nigeria

Orange botanical name is “Citrus sinensis” it is a hesperidium. Orange are round citrus fruit with finely-textured skin. The height of orange tree is generally 9-10metre, the leaves are 4-10cm long arranged alternately while seed are greenish to pale whitish, flattened and angular,the seed is generally poly embryonic.Medicinal Benefits of Orange Fruit

It protects man from cardiovascular disease: orange fruit contains vitamin c,carotenoids and flavonoids which are cardio protective. Citrus fruits offer protection against cardiovascular diseases by reducing levels of homocysteine.

It helps in protecting man from cancer: limonene a constituent in orange is useful in reducing the risk of cancer in human beings.

It reduces risk of kidney diseases such as kidney stone: drinking one and the half cup of orange juice daily increases the urinary PH level and citric acid excretion thereby reducing the risk of forming calcium oxalate stones in the kidney.

It fights against ulcer: drinking orange juice on regular basis reduces the infection cases with Helicobacter pylori thus preventing ulcer in the body.

It reduces anxiety: orange extracts like orange oil can serve as a tranquilizer in calming the nervous system thereby alleviating stress agents and pain.

It is effective in treating typhoid: Orange fruit contain constituents such as flavonoids,citbrasine,saponins,citacridone which is efficacious in treating typhoid symptoms.

It is used in treating skin diseases like acne: when a fresh peel of orange is rubbed on the it smoothens it and releases substances in combating skin rashes, scars etc.

It fights against fungal growth: limonene,linalool, and myrcene are anti-fungal constituents that inhibits the growth and development of fungus such as Asperiligus Niger which is a bio-degrading and storage-contaminating fungus.

It regulates glucose levels which helps to prevent risk of diabetes: Drinking orange juice decreases activity of glucose-6-phosphatase and phosphoenol pyruvate.

Orange juice repairs secretory effects of pancreatic β-cells and stimulates insulin secetrion in the digestive system.

It is effective in trearting wounds, arthritis and other inflammation activity.

Article by Emmanuel Chukwu

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