If you are a born Nigerian, either residing in the country, or in any part of the world, I believe this article, should inspire you more, to greater works and ideas, irrespective of the environment, you find yourself.

All over the world, Nigerians are setting the pace and becoming the standard by which others measure themselves.

In the United States, Nigerians are the most educated immigrant community, which is verifiable on google platform. Meaning, not one of the most educated, but the most educated.

Furthermore, sixty percent of Nigerians in the US have college degrees. Which is far above the American national average of thirty percent.

Nigerians living in the United States are some of the highest earners, typically earning twenty five percent more than, the average US income of $53,000.

In Ivy League schools in Europe and America, Nigerians routinely outperform their peers from other nations.

A Nigerian family, the Imafidons, have officially been named the smartest family in the United Kingdom.

Professor Chris Imafidon, has been referred to as a world intellectual icon by Harvard Professor William Maxwell and it should be a thing of interest to know that Professor Imafidon, grew up in Nigeria.

The designer of the famous car Chevrolet Volt, Jelanie Aliyu, is a super talented Nigerian born, from Sokoto state.

Jelanie Aliyu

The Volt, which Jelani Aliyu designs, as been described as an American Revolution and one of the hottest concepts in the design line.

Jelani Aliyu, grew up in Nigeria and graduated best in his Architecture class from Birnin Kebbi Polytechnic, after abandoning, the same course at Ahmadu Bello University, because he deliberately preferred the course content.

Jelani Aliyu only left the shores of Nigeria for Detroit, USA, in 1990. The rest is history.

Read more on Jelani Aliyu here: http://innov8tiv.com/jelani-aliyu-general-motors-senior-creative-designer-credited-design-chevy-volt/



The 11 wealthiest black man and woman on planet earth includes 3 Nigerians, known as Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Chief (Mrs.) Folorunsho Alakija and Femi Otedola

South Africa, couldn’t have ended apartheid sooner and achieved black rule in their country, if not for the leadership role played by Nigeria.

Former Pres. of Nigeria, Gen. Obasanjo

To mention a few, among the three Presidents, so far who have ruled South Africa after apartheid, two of them, once lived in Nigeria, Nelson Mandela in the 60’s and Thabo Mbeki in the 70’s.

Thabo Mbeki

Nigeria gave financial and human support, boycotted an Olympics and our politicians, musicians and activists, campaigned relentlessly.

Nigeria spent over $3Billion and lost hundreds of soldiers to end the wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone that the world ignored, because they have no oil.

When there was a coup in Sao Tome and Principle in 2003, Nigeria restored the elected President back to power, after former President, Olusegun Obasanjo initiated talks with the Military junta and personally took the ousted President, who was visiting Nigeria at the time, back home to be reinstated.

Before, there were street lights in some European cities, Lagos had electric streets lights. The ancient Benin Kingdom, also had street lights fueled by palm oil.

Over 500 years ago, Benin Kingdom casted metal alloys to create magnificent art including the world famous, Queen Idah Mask.

It may also interest you to know, that Queen Amina was a warrior Queen, who ruled the Zaria emirate in Kaduna state, in the northwest part of Nigeria, over 400 years ago around 1610 to be precise.

Needless to mention, that Nigeria gave monetary gifts to Ireland during the Nation’s oil boom years.

Just for you to know, the first television station in Africa was Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) in Ibadan, Oyo state, which was created in 1959, long before Ireland had their RTE station.

The best and greatest comedians on planet earth are Nigerians. Just take a walk around the streets of Warri and you will almost die of laughter.

If the country keeps bashing itself by destroying lives and properties, basically in the name of politics, religion, or ethnicity, it will never be great again.

Nigeria is full of rich and proud heritage, which others envy, but the inhabitants destroy by themselves.

Not all Nigerians are criminals, scammers, drug peddlers and corrupt government officials, but we are a people of verifiable track record of greatness.

Bad leadership, over the years, has brought us where we are, but we now have a second chance at greatness again, to change, the narrative and the best is to seize the available opportunity presented before us.

Throughout history, nations have gone through their dark patches and emerged stronger.

The western nations, which we idolize today and seek to emulate have gone through periods, they are ashamed to recollect.

They keep silent and put their best feet forward. So I believe we should also, as Nigerians.

What CNN, BBC, Aljazeera and other western media will not tell you about Nigerians, is that apparently on the 7th of May, 2016 at the Howard University, in Washington D.C, U.S.A, history was made, out of 96 graduating Doctor of Pharmacy candidates, 43 of them were Nigerians and out of 27 awards given, 16 went to Nigerians.

A Nigerian student known as Victor Olalusi, also made a world best history, in Russia, recording a 5.0 GPA. Same goes to Daniel Ayodele Dada, a student of University of Lagos, who made an African best ever graduating record in 2016.

Ayodele Dada

Not forgetting a Nigerian dentistry student, Queenate Ibeto who was chosen, to lead the valedictory and welcomed the commencement speaker, at the occasion, in person of President Barrack Obama.

Shamefully, you will never see anything like that, go viral until the recent broadcast of Lagos to London which aired recently showcasing young Nigerians like DJ Cuppy (Femi Otedola’s daughter), The Mbadiwe Twins, and Alexander Amosu. See Social Media reaction to #LagostoLondon

Olympic medalists, who don’t get to the UK, until they were almost adults are mostly referred, to as “Nigerian-born, British”, but terrorists who were born and bred in the UK and had no ties, at all to Nigeria, except for their names are mostly referred to, as ” British-born, Nigerians”.

The Nigerian Under-17, Golden Eaglet, football team, are the most successful in the history of teenage football in the world.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, why should anyone else? If we don’t believe Nigeria can change, who will? If we don’t blow our trumpet, who will?

We are not a criminal nation. Be proud of Nigeria. Be proud of your heritage. Be enthusiastic and be optimistic, about our future greatness.

If we believe, we will say it. If we say it, we will act it.

If we act it, we will begin to show it, be a proud Nigerian, believe in Nigeria. Change the narrative, celebrate the Nigerian in you.

We are a great nation, each one, tell one, let’s share more stories of who we really are.

Let’s stop complaining, about where we are not and start celebrating where we are and where we are going.

Let’s stop saying and start doing something to change Nigeria’s narrative, God bless Nigeria.

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Dare Gbadebo

Author: Dare Gbadebo is the publisher with the trademark darebaba.net is a versatile writer who had his media training based on photography at PEFTI film institute and has written for many top media houses in Nigeria. Stay tuned for your favorite celebrity news political updates and paparazzi. Darebaba on social media Facebook | Instagram | Google+


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THE PLACE OF NIGERIA, IN WORLD HISTORY If you are a born Nigerian, either residing in the country, or in any part of the world, I believe this article, should inspire you more, to greater works and ideas, irrespective of the environment, you find yourself. All over the world, Nigerians