Primate Ayodele Warns Nigerians, “PRAY FOR BUHARI’S HEALTH”

Primate Ayodele Warns Nigerians, “PRAY FOR BUHARI’S HEALTH”

Primate Ayodele Warns Nigerians, “PRAY FOR BUHARI’S HEALTH”

Primate Ayodele Warns Nigerians “PRAY FOR BUHARI'S HEALTH"

Primate Ayodele Warns Nigerians;

“Senate, Reps Will Break”
“…Deadlier Militants Coming”


The founder and spiritual head of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, in this latest interview, reveals God’s new messages for Nigeria, other African nations and the world in general. Excerpt…

Tell us about your ministry’s yearly charity programme and how this year’s edition went.

The humanitarian programme we do is not yearly. We do it whenever God asks us to. So, it happens many times within a year. This year alone, we have done a lot of humanitarian projects and we have visited homes for the aged and orphanages, schools and hospitals where we donated cash and essential items to support them. Only about two weeks ago, we gave cash and items to widows. Like we do every year, we are sponsoring people to Jerusalem this year. We have sponsored people to Hajj already. Also, we bought a bus and tricycles for our members to alleviate their economic burdens. They are to be paying back in parts. We also paid the bursary for 50 students who just got admission into higher institutions. These are the types of things churches should be doing. This is what attracted us to a credible global institution that will be giving me an alumnus award next year. The institution has written to me that it recognizes the prophecies which the Lord has been using me to deliver to help humanity and my humanitarian services.

You just started a weekly assembly at Ikeja, what informed this decision?

Going to Ikeja for the weekly assembly happened based on instructions from God. He asked us to start an assembly to form partnership with people irrespective of religious leaning and preach on new directions to life, and deliverance. In less than five weeks that we started, we have had over 350 new members who believe in the mission. We are so encouraged. After Ikeja, we are moving to Ikoyi early next year. The assembly is for all. It is not church or religion based. God has instructed us to go out and take the gospel to the people and we are doing just that and the results have been awesome. It is not about religion.

Let’s talk about your prophecy of 2014 where you said that APC will break as soon the party forms the government which signs are there now. Have you seen a resolution to the party’s crisis?

God showed us then that the APC arrangement would not stand for too long. I was the first prophet in Nigeria that gave this warning in public. And as God is still saying, APC was not meant to work. I foresee the party cracking before the next general election. From APC to PDP, members will leave and form a new, bigger party that will fight for power at the center. There will be fewer talks about APC and PDP during the next elections.

You spoke about the Ondo and Edo elections the last time. What is the new thing about them now?

I didn’t speak about Edo State on my own, God asked me to. And what I foresaw was that the APC candidate had victory chance. It has happened. Now, in Ondo State coming election, it is going to be an individual thing, I see people voting for individuals not political parties. And this is going to even be the new arrangements in politics henceforth as God spoke to me, because voting based on political parties will no longer be working, people will start voting based on who is contesting on which political party platform, says God. The Ondo election results will be shocking. Besides, the name, Nigeria, is jinxed. What is troubling Nigeria’s seat of power is beyond evil spirits. Bad leadership brought the curse on this country and until the leaders do the needful by cleaning Aso Rock spiritually, Nigeria cannot get it right. And Buhari is sick. His government is also sick and confused. The president means well but he needs a lot of prayers to succeed. Nigerians should pray for him to have strength to continue ad succeed. I foresee this country going from bad to worse until the government stop placing Nigeria’s economic survival on the American Dollar. I see Nigeria’s economy bouncing back only when the government partners with another stronger nation outside America. The Nigerian government must deal with another country’s currency other than American Dollars. It is only then than we can be thinking of economic survival, says the Lord. And Buhari must change his economic team if he wishes to get things right in the economy. And he has made a big mistake by dialoguing with Boko Haram. I warned the government against dialoguing with Boko Haram. I foresaw that a deadlier Boko Haram would emerge and I warned then. He should discuss with the Niger Delta Avengers like I said before. A new, deadlier, Avengers will also emerge. The Buhari government should also dialogue with the Biafran agitators, IPOB to avoid more problems for the country. Ghanaian incumbent president needs to strategize well; otherwise, the opposition will shock him on his second term bid. They will employ every political strategy to unseat him from office. I see Hilary Clinton becoming the next president but she must not underrate her opponent, Donald Trump. She must focus her programmes on alleviating poverty, keeping a robust economy, guaranteeing world peace and employment and the immigrants’ policy.

Some Nigerian judges were recently arrested on alleged corruption. Do you foresee any positive development from this step from the Buhari government?

God revealed to me and I warned in the Sun newspaper of December 2015 that the judiciary will be troubled. I said then that some judges will face probes. It is happening now. There is going to be a lot shocking revelations from the judiciary. Nigerians will be shocked. And I see another petrol scarcity unless the government sanitizes the NNPC. The NNPC is rotten. I see more troubles for Nigeria in the petroleum sector unless government takes the right step to cleanse the oil sector. I also see that the Buhari government will change the colour of the Naira in his present fight against corruption. I see that this step will help his government a lot in that regard. We have advised him to do this before when God revealed to us steps he needed to take to succeed. I see the Senate and the House of Representatives still fighting Buhari in the future. Also, the Buhari loyalists will cause division in both the Senate and House of Representatives. I see Buhari prosecuting some his close aides for corruption. The Speaker Dogara’s problems will still come up on a larger scale. I also see Buhari reshuffling his cabinet soon. The office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation will be indicted of fraud. Abia State governor and Adamawa State must pray to God in order to retain their offices after the Supreme Court judgments in the future. I see four Nigerian banks facing challenges. Diamond Bank, Access Bank and Fidelity Bank and I see their managements facing serious indictments.

An APC leader, Bola Tinubu is becoming an issue in Buhari’s government, do you see him coming out without bruises?

God told me earlier that Tinubu will be fought politically by the Buhari government and that if he was not careful, he would be reduced to nothing. Now, I see that Southwest governors will betray him, governors who helped to install. I also see that one of them will support him to the end. One Southwest governor that he holds dear will also betray him and this will shock him most. And I see that he will fight the battle of his life and will still be relevant at the end of the day.


Primate Ayodele predicted on page 42 of September 12, 2016 City People magazine that “The Security agents should work seriously around the airports so that plans to attack the airports can be averted.” The security operatives stopped an armed personnel from boarding a Lagos-Abuja bound passenger aircraft. On page 199 of the 2016/2017 Edition of the ‘Warnings to the Nations’ he said thus: “Dangote Group should pray against internal wrangling and not to lose money.” Protesters later attacked Dangote cement factory in Ethiopia. On page 70 of the 2016/2017 edition of the handbook the Primate said that: “There will be an attempt on the life of the governor of Kogi State.” Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State was stoned at the next Jumat prayer.

On page 136 of the 2016/2017 Edition of ‘Warnings To The Nations’, Ayodele revealed that: “Gabon will face unexpected crisis and the country should also pray against killings and protests”. Violence soon broke out after Gabon’s controversial presidential election. On page 163 of the 2016/2017 Edition of the prophetic handbook of divine messages, the Primate said that, “Aero Contractor Airlines will take complicating steps. Furthermore, on page 105 of the 2015/2016 edition, he said, “The management of Aero Airlines must be careful so that workers will not embarrass them through demonstration.” Soon, the Aero Contractor Airlines suspended operations. Also, on page 142 of the 2015/2016 edition of the book, the man of God said, “Turkey should pray against bomb scare in the country.” A few days after, bomb blast killed 11 police officers and injured about hundred others in Turkey. On page 23 of the 2016/2017 edition, Ayodele warned that “Delta State should pray against explosion.” Hoodlums bombed the Isolo House in Delta State, Nigeria, some days after the predictions.

Ayodele is the first Nigerian prophet to predict the Buhari/Tinubu fight and APC crisis that could mess up Buhari and Tinubu’s political relevance.

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