Rarely seen photos of young Muhammad Ali, the greatest

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Muhammad Ali photos, Boxing Legend, Darebaba.net,

Rarely seen photos of young Muhammad Ali, the greatest

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Rarely seen photos of young Ali, the greatest.

Muhammad Ali photos, Boxing Legend, Darebaba.net,

Ali with his manager, Angelo Dundee.

If you have seen the movie: The greatest or Ali… biographical visuals of the recently deceased self acclaimed and world acclaimed boxing legend, you would have probably seen some glimpse of some of this pictures as a movie clip.

I particularly would recommend you see Will Smith starred, Michael Mann directed movie: Ali (See trailer below post)

However, Azadeh Ansari of CNN’s post today showcases some of this unseen photos of the legend at home.

As the world mourns the champ, many of us continue to flood social media with tributes, kind words, GIFs and even OMG! snapshots of hilarious tweets/posts of either clueless morons or simply genuinely funny attempts at eulogizing the legend. —————> Muhammad Ali photos, Boxing Legend, Darebaba.net,

This photos courtesy of late photographer, Curt Gunther depicts the legend at home and surrounded by his family mostly. Dive in and feed your eyes. He lives on!

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Excerpts from CNN

Previously unseen photos show young Muhammad Ali at home

(CNN)In 1960, Curt Gunther was an established sports photographer. A young boxer named Cassius Clay was heading to the Olympics, unknown by most outside his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, and some avid followers of the sport.

It was probably about then, says Curt Gunther’s son, Steve, that two paths crossed, with the young boxer setting out on his history-making course and the photographer setting out to chronicle that course in images.

For decades, Curt Gunther stood by Ali’s side both in and out of the ring, capturing the knockout punches that made news, and the candid moments that made up home life for a man who championed his sport and his beliefs.

Personal photographs of Muhammad Ali, rarely seen by the public, are some of the thousands of archives handed down from Curt Gunther to his son before the elder Gunther died in 1991.

“My dad just lived to get the shot,” says Steve Gunther, who lives in California.
It is these snapshots that rarely saw the light of day that Steve Gunther wants the world to see as part of the joint legacy left by his father and, now, Ali.

Muhammad Ali photos, Boxing Legend, Darebaba.net,

Ali during the weigh-in for the “Thrilla’ in Manila.”

And in case you don’t know who Curt Gunther is, see:

He’s a renowned photographer who also is responsible for rare photographs of Beatles.

Rare Beatles Photographs Arrive in New York

More than 45 years after the Beatles first hit American soil, photos from their 1964 inaugural North American tour have arrived at New York’s Morrison Hotel Gallery. The snapshots, by late photographer Curt Gunther, reveal the band in lighthearted situations – riding horses, goofing off with manager Brian Epstein – and capture the fervor of young fans during the British Invasion.

In all, I believe Ali being the greatest and most celebrated boxer is well for a cause, it should remind great current ones like Mayweather of the essence of being great, selfless and how much you would be remembered outside the ring.

Watch Ali, the Movie Trailer

Ali | Will Smith, Jamie Fox

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Muhammad Ali photos, Boxing Legend, Darebaba.net,

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