RAY DONOVAN: The Texan (recap)

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RAY DONOVAN: The Texan (recap)

RAY DONOVAN: The Texan (recap)

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RAY DONOVAN: The Texan (recap)


ray-donovan-the-texan-recapRay Donovan has always been about family, one way or another. Ray, our main character, goes to extreme ends to protect any member of his large, damaged family, even if it means compromising his own safety and morality. In return, other members of his family to the same thing. His wife shot a man in order to protect his husband, his father just went to prison in order to protect his son and his family and his brother – with the help of his father – decided to take care of his mental ill wife, even if this means breaking his own mental barriers about what a relationship should be.

Throughout the show’s season, Ray Donovan has become stronger and stronger in terms of the pain and stress he can take. This season, he’s even become better at communicating his feelings in his relationships with his wife, and more recently with his father and son.

As for the actual action of this weeks episode, Ray meets the Texan (Stacy Keach) in the hospital. We also get a little of the Texan’s backstory: He was a stuntman, just back from Vietnam, too violent for the normal world when Ezra found him and turned him into a fixer. The Texan’s daughter never learned what her father did and Ray helps him keep it that way because, as previously stated, Ray cares about family. You could say the Texan inspires Ray to rebuild his relationship with his family.

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First comes first: getting Mickey out of jail. Then, when Ray gets home, Conor is playing a dance game, which Ray reluctantly, but amused takes part of. “I’m pretty sure I can handle whatever you’re into,” he tells his son who was making fun of his potential dance moves. Shortly, Abby joins in, dancing along to the silly “Chiwawa” bit. The moment is interrupted by their neighbor, who stops by to tell the parents that Conor shot up his house a little while back. Ray flips out and finds the gun in Conor’s room, a moment followed by a taste of the bitter medicine. He takes Conor to a rough neighbourhood and shows him photos of dead people than leaves him in the middle of the street with a gun in his hand.

Back to Mickey, now a free man, we see him trying to reconnect with his son, especially Bunchy, who is going through a particularly rough time. Even though all he wants is to go back to Primm, he decides to help Bunchy get Teresa out of the mental hospital in which she’s been admitted for postpartum depression. For the first time in a long time, Mickey is not an asshole, but a sensitive, wise old man. “These beautiful creatures get put in a place like this and these fuckers make sure they never leave.”

And speaking of family,Hector’s life turns public when Marisol (Lisa Bonet) goes on national television to reveal she’s her brother’s lover. The cat is out of the bag and Hector is one step away from suicide. Lucky for him, Terry asks Ray to help him out by helping Hector, who is know training at their club. So, Ray sets up Stu Feldman (Josh Pais) to get Hector back in the ring since they cancelled Hector’s rematch with Whitaker. How? By having Daryll assault the guy outside a bar. As reward for his help, Ray wants Hector to take on his brother, Terry, as his couch. Perhaps Daryll too.

Meanwhile, Abby gets her chance to teach Conor a lesson, but takes a slightly different approach than Ray. Also, Conor has a brief, rare moment when he reveals that he doesn’t really know who he is. He comes from a family of tough guys, but he’s never even been to Boston. “My dad’s a Hollywood legend and I’m just a little prick from Calabasas.” To reward him for his honesty, Abby takes him shooting at a gun range, and discovers his natural ability at it. Moreover, she reveals her cancer diagnosis to him. “Sometimes I think you’re scarier than dad,” Conor admits.

The end of the episode takes Ray back to the hospital, where he learns that the Texan died. He runs into his daughter, who reveals she knew her father wasn’t an insurance salesman. “Everything he did, he did for you,” he confesses.

Source: Ana Banu, TVMuse.com

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