Take It Easy With, “We Are The New Nollywood Madness” – Femi Ogedengbe

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Take It Easy With, “We Are The New Nollywood Madness” – Femi Ogedengbe


America based veteran Nigerian film actor, Femi Ogedengbe writes on a trending throwback picture of Nigerian film actors, Wale Akorede, Ronke Ojo and Muyiwa Ademola. Here is the full excerpt.

In this business of ours, a lot of water have gone under the bridge.
As I bless God today for what this three have achieved, I can only imagine what life was like for them exactly that day when this moment was frozen. For any Nigerian Actor who truly gave blood and sweat in contributing in one way or the other to the building blocks that formed what is today known all over the world as "NOLLYWOOD" (NIGERIAN MOVIE INDUSTY), You can’t help but take an Imaginary journey into the past to see yourself through the memory the above image provokes. As I salute this talented comrades for their bravery endurance and dedication, I will also like to say a word to the very disrespectful new generation colleagues who got in the business on Monday and became celebrities on Sunday by generously giving what they have in exchange for what they want, to please take it easy with the "we are the new Nollywood madness" because in Hollywood history, back in the days of John Wayne, Richard Pryor, Orlando Martins and the entire silent film era, Film making technology is nowhere near the sophistication of modern day tech Yet Black panther director and his wealth of CGI knowledge will never talk down on the formative era in fact He pays homage to Directors like Alfred Hitchcock because He recognise and respect the foundation of what he, is only improving on today. I salute Muyiwa Ronke, (lost his name) ……. And all the players from the generation before ours…Lets keep keeping On

-Femi Ogedengbe

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