The Fortitude – 56 piece of logical advice

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The Fortitude – 56 piece of logical advice


The Fortitude – 56 piece of logical advice

1. The worst regret is not being shy or weak to face your enemy but it is when you know could make a difference and you didn’t do it.

2. Films are moving pictures that uniquely illustrate the tears and wears of the human’s world, you get to learn lessons and experience when you take a glimpse at a movie.

3. No man is born to die without dignity even the darkest character of human’s life would like his or her achievements recorded in history.

4. Never believe a man’s worth is not valuable cause without the actions of men the world will never learn about their hidden treasure.

5. Time doesn’t change but it is our mindset that revolves.

6. Sometimes the best way of skipping your schedules is reflecting on life and death.

7. Never call a dagger a dagger because everyone’s life is precious.

8. Good people don’t die rather they transform it is the wicked ones that die permanently.

9. Forgiveness is one pill that could purge the soul of an offender.

10. Life has no direction but it is you who have.

11. Weak people want a payback but the strong ones need a comeback.

12. The atmosphere determines the mindset of your environment.

13. People that you helped could backstab you.

14. Dignity is earned through loyalty.

15. If you don’t stop the fire in your neighbour’s house next could be yours.

16. Life is not what you wish for but what you work towards it physically and spiritually.

17. Showing appreciation is not just when you smile or laugh but when you do a person an unexpected good favour without expecting anything in return.

18. Don’t set your mind on things that are high rather condescend to the humble.

19. Motivate everyone that comes to you in order for you to be strong.

20. To exist isn’t just being alive but impacting positively to people’s life.

21. Anxiety is the state of thinking randomly of the potentials of a situation without providing a solution to it.

22. You won’t know the essence of what you have until you lose it and found someone using it positively for the betterment of his or her life.

23. Everybody are intelligent ; it depends on how you harness it and know the consequence of it.

24. I don’t live in a black world where everybody I virtually see are dark, I live in a world where the people are look at bring out the best in me.

27. Living forever on earth is an illusion but staying with God in heaven is a reality.

28. Those who got another second chance to live a life always tell others never to waste theirs.

29. God will never tell you who you should marry but he will surely tell you the character of a person that you should love.

30.Never you let another person to tell you that your dreams won’t come true because he or she don’t know what it means to be in such dream.

31. A drunkard is a half man and half spirit because his actions are abstract to him.

31. Loss is a thing that a dying man don’t have.

32. Confession is an agent for rapid removal of guilt from an individual.

33. The probability of winning a game is when many people loose.

34. Be forever grateful to your mother because we do hate the word ‘abortion’.

35. Never let anyone use your pain for his gain.

36. God’s protection is the best security in this world.

37. Never you discourage someone’s dream rather admonish.

38. God’s love is a tree that shelter all birds.

39. Never you take your own live because you are not the owner.

40. God’s favour silences your enemies.

41. A disciplined man talk less and thinks much.

42.positive statement motivate the mind.

43. don’t be a hero just sacrifice all if you truly love.

44. A successful man doesn’t spend much rather he invest a lot of ideas.

45. It is not too late to be great you just need to have the faith and zeal to succeed.

46. Soar high like a bird,never to drop on the ground.

47. The power to create a good image is unique when the heart is at peace.

48. We only live for the moment if it is beautiful in our brain.

49. Love is the only thing that resurrects a sad heart.

50. You cannot be a great warrior if you hate,your enemy..

51. Magic fingers develop things that amaze people.

52. Everybody is a star that still waits for the night to come out before it shines.

53.Believe that you are more than a star that only shines in the night.

54. Humility is a religion for those who respect love..

55. Be greater than your limits then you are your own hero.

56. Capture God in your mind, and have a beautiful picture of live.

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