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The other day I wrote a long epistle on why nobody should ever blame actress MERCY AIGBE’s husband Mr. LANRE GENTRY for being provoked to beat her up for her excesses.

You see, there are some categories of ladies you marry, and you you will keep running Blood Pressure for the rest of your life. The Lady Actress Category is one. Why? They live by vanity. They live on friends. They live on material acquisitions. They just live a lie, or better still a FAKE LIFE, that annoys you per second.

In order not to be a mobile anger machine, it is good you let such ladies go out of your life or never, ever touch them, even with a look. They are so many out there in the movies and creative business industry. They want one husband for moral strength and many concubines for financial strength. They are your wife by introvert but other people’s ‘play jock’ by extrovert.

Now, I remember I equally shared my experience with many of you, while writing that article. I told you what I saw in that industry sometimes ago when I was working with a movie production outfit. I told you how a banker will use his own car to drop his pretty fair complexioned wife on location, and drive away, only for a common camera man to be bedding same woman mid-location time. I saw many dirty things that still ring in my brain till date. I saw so many, many dirty episode pertaining to women, married women on movie locations.

Mind you, I am not saying all women in that industry are corrupt. But when you talk about the clean ones to the dirty ones, the ratio is 10% to 90%. The bad ones are in the later index.

Now, I was wondering why many of us wanted to crucify Mr. Gentry. We were all wrong. We were sentimental and biased, in the sense that we are not in his shoes. Mr. Gentry actually desire our pity and prayer for marrying something as expensive as Mercy Aigbe.

Now, the cock has come home to roost, with this new scandal involving Mercy Aigbe and one Lawrenta Sawyer. Mercy who clocked 40 in December, 2017 was said to have dubiously used Lawrenta Sawyer’s iconic dress to take her 40th Birthday bash pictures which went viral in respect of her 40th birthday celebrations in December.

So, what actually happened? Mercy Aigbe according to sources had asked her photographer to go source for clothes (other people’s clothes?) for her Pre-40th birthday photo shoot. They brought about four of such clothes. But unknown to her, one of them belongs to a lady who was about to wed a day after her birthday, that is Lawrentta Sawyer.

She used the clothes, especially Lawrenta Sawyer’s own fabulously. Unknown to her, the owner knew her own clothes. She was said to have personally designed that material by herself before giving it to her tailor.

So, she raised alarm immediately Mercy uploaded the pictures. Many of her fans thought those clothes were hers. Why can’t they be hers? After all, she is a successful actress.

But that is what we see. We are allowed to see the facade not the reality. Now, Mercy was thoroughly disgraced. I mean a Nollywood actress of her calibre, thoroughly messed by someone good enough to be her fan. You see why Mr. Gentry should never be blamed? You see why the poor man is yoked with intrigues, lies, headache, High Blood Pressure and more?

For a wife who loves to be on the fast lane all the time, you either revoke the marital license or you buy more koboko!

Anyway, Mercy Aigbe has since begged Lawrenta Sawyer but what about the odium?

Gbenga Dan ASABE, is a Nigerian celebrity journalist/blogger

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