The Need To Give, lifting each other up

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The Need To Give, lifting each other up


The Need To Give, lifting each other up

Everybody are dreaming of a life which is luxurious perhaps a bit too comfortable that they don’t have to board a taxi but a plane.

Everything will look so splendid no stress just waking up the next day and keep repeating the usual mode of rich life, but no one thought if they die today all those wealth they amassed to themselves who will inherit it?

Will it be your children relatives or some sort of greedy individual who just want reap where he didn’t sow?

Such is life none of that affect us because we either too busy enjoying this thing called money or too busy amassing more wealth to ourselves, which make us to be sometimes so greedy, ambitious, desperate and even selfish in the process.

This life should replicate heaven where we passionately and sincerely give what we have used clothes, money, food, houses, cars, godly advice and morals, scriptural bible pages and making donations etc to the church, less privilege or even the orphanage homes etc.

We should try as much as possible to put a smile on someone’s face because that might be the only good thing that they will remember and say of you w hen you are gone and that shows you live a good, caring and fulfilled life with everyone around you and the bible re-echoed it that whatever you do to the least of my brothers is what you did unto me, that is to say if we truly love God we should try as much as possible to immensely give to people around us without attaching anything to it or expecting something in return from the person you gave.

There is a Christian negro adage that says “capture God in your mind and you will have a beautiful picture of life”, In all that we do in this life we should emulate Jesus’ lifestyle on earth he showed the purest and sincere love and humanity to all believers and gentiles that surrounded him during his era.

If we do so we won’t just receive mercy and grace from our heavenly father but also prosper greatly in whatever things we lay our hand upon.

Article by Emmanuel Chukwu

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