The One To Blame, Is The One Who Committed Suicide By Ak Billions

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The One To Blame, Is The One Who Committed Suicide By Ak Billions

The One To Blame, Is The One Who Committed Suicide By Ak Billions


The One To Blame, Is The One Who Committed Suicide By Ak Billions

I hardly make input on viral subjects because most times it leads to argument and no one learns at the end of the day.

However, I’m concerned about this suicide matter and I have done few videos in the past telling people not to commit suicide.

My opinion may offend you but it doesn’t change my stand. The one to blame is THE ONE WHO COMMITTED SUICIDE.

That choice to take his life reflects how weak his other choices in life were; there is something fundamentally wrong with his believe system and thought system.

I would have blamed it on wrong teaching but then, to be taught is one thing and to learn is another. If more than one person from that congregation committed suicide, then blaming the teaching would be justifiable. What if he “rejected” sound teaching?
Reports reveals a lot of carnality and according to Romans 8, to be carnally minded is death.

If you want to know what God thinks about suicide, check those in the bible he showed us that committed suicide starting with the “CEO of Suicide”- Judas Iscariot, king saul, Ahitophel, Samson.

Check their lives, apart from Samson who got “restored” in a sense, you would find one thing in common, they all stepped out of God’s plan at the time. That tells me something.

For those of you blaming the church, was he not also the church? Each time you say church, you tend to exclude the members and face a bunch you consider “wicked” towards them. I submit to you, that there are others in that same church who had far bigger problem than he had.

What if the Pastor had others he was helping at the time and who says that Pastors don’t have personal challenges too?

The world should wake up! Know God for yourself. This syndrome of blaming others for every misfortune is part of what has kept Africa backwards. We blame governments, pastors, parents, spouses and children but no one wants to turn the search light on themselves.

Also, if God called you to serve in the village, stay there, leave Abuja alone. You will be very comfortable in that village if God called you. Stop jumping from ministry to ministry because of pay, stay put and let him promote you or move you at the right time. After all, the job of the ministry is centered on love and sacrifice.

When someone dies in africa , no one dare talks about him and that tends to suggest the dead person maybe right, I beg to differ. The fear of death have beclouded soundness and truth but not to me.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. I hope you find closure. Every other person reading this, no matter how hard it is, SUICIDE ISNT THE ANSWER.

– Ak Billions, is a pastoral leader in God’s vineyard.

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