The Pursuit of happiness and couple’s fulfillment By Emeka Oparah

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The Pursuit of happiness and couple's fulfillment By Emeka Oparah

The Pursuit of happiness and couple’s fulfillment By Emeka Oparah


The Pursuit of happiness and couple’s fulfilment By Emeka Oparah

The Pursuit of happiness and couple’s fulfilment By Emeka Oparah

By Emeka Oparah

Since yesterday when the news broke that My Governor, My Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, ORO, named one of his younger sisters as pioneer commissioner in the newly created Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfillment all hell has been let loose-for reasons I want to believe are related to, though not far removed from, jealousy or envy or both.

Isn’t it hypocritical for some frustrated people from within and outside Imo State to keep quiet when Donald Trump appointed his son-in-law and even his daughter into top positions in the White House, but will scream blue murder simply because His Excellency gave the state a gift of a beautiful talent from his highly revered family? How else can one define enviousness? I will not waste my bloody time to enumerate the credentials as well as the multifarious accomplishments of the young, dashing and intelligent Mrs. Ogechi Ololo (née Okorocha) because only lazy, jealous people will not log onto google to pasonally peruse the intense and aggressive record outlined on the World Wide Web for this amazon. So, google it! And shut up!

Then, on the little matter of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfillment, now, isn’t it ironic that people are lampooning such a great initiative which has been consistently canvassed and championed by no less a personage than the Dalai Lama. He actually wrote a book entitled the “Pursuit of Happiness”. If you look around the world, name the two most critical challenges being faced by people. One is lack of Happiness and the other is lack of fulfillment among couples-whether married or unmarried plus single couples.

Ignorance is pure bliss, said the wise man. Remember in the Bible, the three wisemen came from the East, and Imo State being the Eastern Heartland should have a surfeit of wise men (and even women). His Excellency is absolutely wise and he has taken a monumentally wise step to ensure that the good people of Imo State (not the bad ones) had access to unadulterated happiness and Couple Fulfillment. Perhaps, I should shed some light on the latter part, which is Couple Fulfillment, since happiness is a very common terminology requiring no explanation.

Couple Fulfillment: When a couple is fulfilled, you will know. They are always smiling. The wife does not give the man wahala, even when the man returns very late and has leftover condoms in his pockets. Even in the ‘oza room’, the man will not have any qualms if his wife (or wives) come to bed wearing a pair of Lee Jeans with Levi Belt. Ighotago? Even when dinner is not ready by midnight, the man will wait patiently because any hunger that comes with hope cannot kill anybody. And so on and so forth.

The new Horrible, sorry Honorable Commissioner, with her track record as Deputy Chief of Staff (deputy to His Excellency’s son-in-law), will make every marriage in the state a bed of roses. Let me tell you, in the United Arab Emirates, every newly married couples get a gift of a LANDCRUISER SUV. Hello???? Are you getting me? So, people should relax and wait for Her Honor, no Her GRace, the new Commissioner, to unveil her plans for couples in Imo State.

Isn’t it sad to see that people who have no international travel experience, local champions, are complaining about the proliferation of Statues in Imo State. Shameless people; do they not know that concept was lifted right from the United States-after His Excellency visited President Obama with Buhari? There are statues all over the US. As usual the professional petition writers in Imo State, who do not qualify to have their statues erected (they are not even erect) are the ones fueling unhappiness (that word!!!) around the statues. The same group of hate merchants and professional complainers are the ones grumbling over the Ministry of Happiness and Couples’ Fulfillment.

In closing this necessary and urgent intervention, let me warn those who yet cannot see or understand the political landscape in our dear state to brace up for the sustenance of the great and Merciful Owelle Dynasty with the coming nomination of his son-in-law as the candidate for Governorship to continue the great job of rescuing Imo state from where the much beloved ORO will stop on May 29, 2019.

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