Tiger Woods And The Woman Behind His Incredible Comeback

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Tiger Woods And The Woman Behind His Incredible Comeback


Tiger Woods And The Woman Behind His Incredible Comeback

The story of the golfing legend wouldn’t be complete without giving credit to the woman who stood by him when he had lost everything.

Simply known as Erica Herman, she is being hailed as Tiger Woods’ saviour after the golf icon broke his 11-year trophy drought at the Masters.

Tiger woods 43, made what is now being described as one of the greatest comebacks in sporting history with a come-from-behind win at Augusta National on Sunday 14th, April, 2019.

Fans who feared they would never see Tiger win another major after years of career threatening injuries and multiple scandals, roared in ecstatic excitement at the defining instance he emerged winner.

Woods had done the impossible, history was made on Sunday at Augusta and it sent the sporting wold into meltdown as he claimed his fifth Masters green jacket adding up to a total of 15 major titles.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Serena Williams and other top personalities alongside fans have congratulated him via twitter.


Woods and Herman started dating around late 2017, they made open appearance at that years Presidential Cup where they were seen together as a couple for the first time.

Tiger Woods returned to the top of his game just around the time he was making peace and recovering a protracted period of scandals and illness in his personal life.

Herman who works in the restaurant industry and formerly managed Woods pop-up eatery known as The Woods, back in Florida, was at the Tour Championship to celebrate Woods’s first PGA Tour win for five years in September.

She was also present throughout the duration of the recent tournament to celebrate the end of another drought in Augusta on Sunday.

She was there when Woods shared some beautiful moments with his family, hugging and kissing her in full view of everyone present. According to The Sun: “After 11 years without a major title, the couple’s public kiss cemented 33 year old Erica Herman as Tiger’s saviour.”.


It’s still remarkable how Tiger Woods managed to turn his misfortunes into new gains, becoming a motivational figure and embodiment of courage.

Remember that Woods reportedly said that he was done in 2017,implying that he was retiring while at that years Masters champions dinner.

He was also arrested in Florida in May 2017 for addiction to prescription drugs, he also admitted to reckless driving. This was after his fourth back surgery, the drugs had caused him to sleep at the wheel of his car, he then later completed his rehab amidst fines he also paid as a result of his offence.

Let’s not forget, before this incidence, Tiger Woods had his infamous cheating scandal, he confessed to sleeping with over 100 women while married to his now ex wife Elin Nordegren.

His extramarital affairs surfaced in 2009 shortly after winning his 14th major and this dragged the golfer down to Rock bottom. He lost major sponsorship deals, crashed his car, spent 45 days in a clinic for sex addiction and went through divorce.

He dropped from number 1 to 1,199 on the world golf ranking and hinted at retiring in late 2017 when he couldn’t swing a golf club for almost 10 months due to severe back pain.

All of that is history at the moment because he has refused to retire nor give in to being unpopular back when he was, his comeback from obscurity is what makes his first major and shocking victory since the 11 years so significant.

Millions around the world have pointed out that his girlfriend Herman is to thank for a huge part of his new found zeal to conquer his perceived limits as we witness his reconfigured life.

In his words; “Well, you never give up,” he said. “That’s a given. You always fight. Giving up’s never in the equation.” he speaks further “That’s just part of the deal. We wake up every morning, and there’s always challenges in front of us, and keep fighting and keep getting through.” Well spoken, like a legend.

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By Sunday Imonah

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