Today is Anti-corruption Day

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Anti-corruption Day

Today is Anti-corruption Day


Today is Anti-corruption Day

Today is Anti-corruption Day

Anti-corruption Day

Friday 9 December marks International Anti-Corruption Day. This was established after the passage of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in October 2003 and came into being because of the UN’s concerns over the huge dangers corruption poses to societies in all countries.

In Nigeria, corruption has become a cancer that demands quick remedy. It is no longer news that the democratic system of governance as being practiced here is bedeviled by corruption, and stalks as a veritable ladder to quasi-linear process of defrauding the masses. To become really wealthy, one does not need to dart his eyes in uncertainty, simply frolick with powers that be, and you are on your way to riches. It is just that bad, so unfotunate,that corrupt political office holders see their position as a means of amassing illicit wealth at the grave detriment of the people.

I firmly advise that new and old crop of politicians who have milked this country dry should be urgently identified and made to return their loot. The President Buhari led federal government need to do more in the quest to free Nigeria from the urgly effects of corruption. Indeed, relevant agencies charged with the responsibility of fighting corruption should be empowered both intellectually and materially.

The federal government should also, not underestimate the pontency of citizens participation in the on going war against graft.
As the world mark anti corruption day, we as a people should advance the cause,sensitize and create awareness until it becomes old fashion to steal from the public treasury.

God help Nigeria!

Comr Eze Harris Chuma
Chairman,Citizen Anti Corruption Volunteers Corps

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Dare Gbadebo

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