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Tunde Kelani TV, Mainframe Productions, Nollywood

Tunde Kelani holds a Diploma in the Art and Technique of Filmmaking from the London International Film School, London. After many years in the Nigerian Film Industry as a Cinematographer, he now manages Mainframe Film & Television Productions, an outfit formed to document Nigeria’s rich culture.

He has to his credit award-winning feature videos: Ti Oluwa Nile; Ayo Ni Mo Fe; Koseegbe, Oleku, Saworoide, Thunderbolt, Agogo-Eewo, The Campus Queen, Abeni, The Narrow Path, Arugba, Maami, Dazzling Mirage and Yeepa. Tunde Kelani‘s Dazzling Mirage tells the story of how a talented, beautiful young sickle-cell sufferer overcomes social stigma, prejudice and her own low self-esteem, to achieve career success, marriage and motherhood; while Yeepa is a satirical comedy filmed play about a group of corrupt Local Government Council officials.

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