Up to 30 UK MPs sexually harassed me over 4 years – Bar Manager

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Up to 30 UK MPs sexually harassed me over 4 years – Bar Manager


A former bar manager who worked at the House of Lords has said she was sexually harassed by up to 30 MPs.

Alice Bailey, 25, who worked at Parliament’s Sports and Social Bar, said politicians acted like “creeps”.

Ms Bailey worked at the establishment for four years from the age of 19.

“They fancied their chances because I was just a young barmaid and in their minds they were very important people who presumed I would be available,” she told The Sun. “They were such creeps. It was pathetic as they were nearly all married and at least twice my age.”

She said MPs acted like “obnoxious old pervs” and drank all day, adding one Labour member followed her home and groped her on one occasion.

Ms Bailey said the MP drank 12 pints before following her onto a bus and “aggressively” grabbing her thigh and asking her to go back to his flat for a whisky.

She said: “I screamed at him, ‘Just f*** off.’ I realised in that moment what powerful people MPs are and I was just a kid behind the bar."

Ms Bailey’s revelations come as several Conservative and Labour MPs are investigated over claims of sexual misconduct.

Chris Pincher stepped down as a government whip after allegations about his behaviour and also referred himself to police and the Conservative Party’s complaints procedure following newspaper reports of allegations about his conduct in 2001 made by a party activist.

It followed the resignation of Sir Michael Fallon as defence secretary after complaints about his behaviour.

A Cabinet Office inquiry has also been into the conduct of First Secretary of State Damian Green, over allegations pornography was found on his laptop when his office was raided by counter terrorism police in 2008, and that he touched a female activist’s knee under the table in a restaurant.

Mr Green has denied the allegations.

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke has been suspended from the party after "serious allegations" against him were referred to the police. He denies any wrongdoing.

Three other Conservative MPs Stephen Crabb, Dan Poulter and Daniel Kawczynski – who also deny wrongdoing – have been referred to the party’s disciplinary committee after media allegations about their conduct.

Labour has also suspended Kelvin Hopkins, who denies claims he made inappropriate physical contact with an activist in 2004.

The party is also investigating a formal complaint made against Clive Lewis, who denies groping a woman.

It has also launched an independent investigation after activist Bex Bailey said she had been raped at a party event in 2011 and discouraged by a senior official from reporting the attack

Source: Independent

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