US travel ban: Human rights Org warn against its effect at Ireland’s major airports

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US Travel Ban

US travel ban: Human rights Org warn against its effect at Ireland’s major airports

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US travel ban: Human rights Org warn against its effect at Ireland’s major airports

US travel ban: Human rights Org warn against its effect at Ireland’s major airports

Currently Homeland Security officials vet travelers from Ireland to the United States before they board transatlantic flights. Those sections of the two airports were Homeland Security check travelers passports and other personal information are effectively American territory.

Seven human rights organisations have warned that the operation of the Trump ban at Ireland’s two major airports could violate both Irish and European human rights law.

The groups which includes Amnesty International Ireland, the Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) and the Irish Council of Civil Liberties have called today for an “urgent review” of how US Homeland Security operates at Dublin and Shannon airports.

In the statement released, the human rights groups said that the Irish state must:

“Conduct an urgent review of the pre-clearance system operating in Ireland and take appropriate action, up to and including suspension of the pre-clearance agreement, where there might be a reasonable chance that a person’s rights under the Constitution, EU law or the European Convention on Human Rights may be under threat.

“Provide appropriate information on the applicable law and procedures to any person refused pre-clearance on the basis of the operation of the Executive Order. Irish immigration officials should also give any person refused pre-clearance the opportunity to seek legal advice. The organisations issuing this statement stand ready to give advice and/or make appropriate referrals, to any person refused pre-clearance in Ireland on the basis of the Executive Order.

“Clarify the role of Gardaí and immigration officials in the US pre-clearance process to ensure that in the exercise of their public functions, a person’s rights under the Irish Constitution, European Convention on Human Rights, EU law or international human rights law will not be violated.”

While Trump might be in a haste to fulfill some of his campaign gibberish, it is clear that the Business man turn President of the US has failed to consider all consequences and provide a clear cut modalities for ensuring it protects its border or as he says “US Citizens”.

Defying advises from Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Hollande on how such a worldwide controversial issue should be dealt with. We will continue to watch and wait as the next 4 years under the 45th President of the U.S unfolds.

Souce: Henry McDonald (The Guardian)

US Travel Ban

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